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The importance of a right weight distribution for a harvester

The harvesting season is a fundamental period for every olive grower and must be faced using the best technique and professional equipment. The choice of period and method can influence, in fact, the olive and oil quality.

Harvesters are indispensable workmates and make the olive detach from the branch by means of high-speed vibrations, accelerating the operations and significantly increasing productivity.

When choosing the best olive harvester for your needs, there are various tool characteristics to evaluate: for example, the quality of its prongs, the ease of use, the type of movement performed by its rakes, the compatible extension pole and the kind of power supply: electric, pneumatic or engine driven. However, there is also another feature you should pay attention to: the right weight distribution, whichh is an essential, but too often neglected factor in the tool choice.

Balanced olive harvesters: how are these tools manufactured?

Harvesters are widely used by experienced farmers, who need to perform intensive operations. Their structure is quite simple: the heart of each harvester is its harvesting head, equipped with prongs usually made of technopolymer or carbon, which comb the olive branches with alternating or elliptical movements, favoring the olive fall.

Olive harvesters can be fitted to telescopic or fixed extension poles, made of aluminum or very light carbon. Finally, the motor or engine is generally the heaviest part of the tool. There are numerous models in which It Is placed in the harvesting head, close to the prongs, but this is not the most suitable position, if we want to provide the operator with an optimal level of comfort.

In fact, this choice makes the tool unbalanced and requires a considerable effort for the operator to comb the branches, especially in the treetop. An unbalanced overall weight stresses the operator’s arms and back excessively and negatively affects the general perception of the tool weight.

For this reason, when the motor or engine Is assembled at the bottom of the extension pole, it solves these problems and permits to work minimizing operator’s fatigue and maximizing tool handiness.

The olive harvesters by Campagnola: ideal compactness and balance

The specialized technicians of our Research and Development department pay extreme attention to even the smallest details of our tools, in order to make your work really efficient, but as less tiring as possible. More comfort and autonomy also mean greater productivity.

All the harvesters in our catalog are characterized by the presence of the motor or engine in the lower part of the tool. Designed to be compact and lightweight, our professional olive harvesters are extremely balanced and practical. Thanks to their particular shape, their weight will seem even lighter than that of a tool of the same weight but fitted with a motor or engine in its upper part.

The entire range of harvesting tools by Campagnola has been designed with the sole purpose of guaranteeing excellent performance, comfort and reliability.

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