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Harvesting and pruning: here is the Campagnola equipment

An olive tree can easily adapt to the most different soils and climate conditions and offers an excellent production even in the most extreme climatic situations, such as excessive heat or poor rain. However, an olive grove requires specific interventions. Proper soil treatment, pruning and harvesting are the key aspects on which the productivity and health of each olive grove is based.

Campagnola is fully aware of farmers’ needs in these important interventions and, for this reason, designs professional tools to concretely optimize your tasks. The complete harvesting and pruning set – consisting of Alice Premium 58, Icarus 58 and Kronos 58, as well as our special olive nets – is what you need to face these phases.

Why should you use them together?

Alice Premium 58: the top product of our electric olive harvester range

This electric olive harvester is part of the Campagnola PROFESSIONAL Line and has been specifically designed for professional and intensive use with any type of olive trees and groves and is equipped with a powerful 58 V – 350 W brushless motor with electronic boards. It guarantees a particularly high harvesting capacity thanks to its interesting features, including its strong technopolymer interchangeable prongs.

The speed selector allows the operator to work at 1080 or 1150 strokes per minute, while an electronic power saver automatically slows down or accelerates the speed of the rakes, depending on whether the tool is idling or touching the branches. Alice Premium 58 is based on one of the Campagnola patents: the opposed elliptical movement, an important characteristic for working on the plants without damaging them, easily detaches the olives from the brancheswithout making the leaves fall.

This tool is fitted with innovative lithium-ion batteries, such as Li-Ion 700: high performance and efficient power supply are what unites Alice Premium 58 with the other tools of the PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola.

Icarus 58: the ideal olive harvester for thicker foliage

Our Icarus 58 electric olive harvester can easily penetrate among the branches and offers an excellent harvesting performance both on well-pruned plants and on olive trees with particularly thick foliage.

It can be used for any type of cultivar. The opposed horizontal movement of its carbon prongs characterizes its action on the branches. They are long, flexible, interchangeable and comb the branches, causing a detachment of the olives from the branches respecting the plant health.

Handy, quick and highly performing, Icarus 58 is also equipped with a 58 V-350 W brushless motor, which does not need any maintenance, and an electronic power saver to limit battery consumption. Our lithium-ion battery line power supplies this electric harvester by means of our Li-Ion 170 or Li-Ion 700 models.

Kronos 58: the only PROFESSIONAL Line electric chain pruner

Also powered by the extraordinary performances of our Li-Ion 700 battery, Kronos 58 has been designed according to the requests of the most demanding users and is perfect for pruning operations on olive trees, fruit trees, ornamental plants and public green areas.

Kronos 58 carries out quick and precise cuts on branches up to a diameter of 10-15 cm. To guarantee its performance are both the power of its 1200 W brushless motor and its 1/4 ″ chain with 6 adjustable speeds (from 11.4 m / sec to 14.8 m / sec). It Is the perfect solution for those who want to act on the plant with maximum precision.

Fitted with the most sophisticated safety systems, Kronos 58 allows each operator to move in the foliage without risks and to rely on maximum operating comfort given by the excellent weight balance, compactness and absence of vibrations of the tool. To reach the highest branches, Kronos 58 can be connected to three carbon extension poles of 130, 190 or 230 cm.

One battery, three professional tools

What unites Alice Premium 58, Kronos 58 and Icarus 58 is not only their efficiency, but also their compatibility with the latest generation lithium-ion batteries, the result of constant research by the team of experts of Campagnola.

While Alice Premium 58 and Icarus 58 are both also compatible with the practical Li-Ion 170 backpack batteries, the three tools can be powered by our Li-Ion 700 lithium-ion battery. Its power of 705.6 W/h undoubtedly optimizes the harvesting and pruning performance of the professional range of Campagnola, directly affecting both the number of cuts that can be performed by Kronos 58 chain pruner at each charging cycle and the harvesting hours of autonomy of Alice and Icarus.

Combined with Alice or Icarus olive harvesters, our Li-Ion 700 battery offers an autonomy of about 8 hours of work, while using Kronos 58 with Li-Ion 700 allows the operator to work without interruptions for a whole day (about 600 cuts on branches of 10 cm in diameter). Obviously, the data may vary depending on the branch diameter or the wood type to be pruned.

The design and low weight of our Li-Ion 700 battery have also been specifically designed to maximize the user’s comfort and to allow him to operate with maximum freedom of movement, minimizing fatigue and health risks. Simply insert the battery in its ergonomic backpack with lumbar reinforcement and you will be able to dedicate yourself with enthusiasm even to the most demanding work sessions in olive growing.

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