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Iron and Alice Premium 58: the answer for the operators looking for professional efficiency

Olive harvesters are fundamental agricultural tools for anyone who wants to work in an easier, faster and more efficient way in olive groves. Thanks to their combs they make the branches of the olive trees swing and favor the olive fall from the branches, allowing the olive growers to significantly increase their harvesting results.

The PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola is the result of the constant technological progress that our research and development team makes from year to year and is dedicated to all those who need powerful tools. Thanks to our know-how consolidated over time, the range of our harvesters offers the highest reliability, performance and harvesting capacity even to the most professional and selective operators.

Among the top-of-the-range tools stands out Alice Premium 58, an excellent electric model, and Iron, the most recent pneumatic harvester of the PROFESSIONAL Line

Alice Premium 58: here are all its advantages

Campagnola electric harvesters offer a high technological level, as well as innovative and functional details. Alice Premium 58 is the result of the great experience of the company and the ability to proactively respond to the user’s needs.

Versatile and powerful, this electric olive harvester has been designed for an intensive use and guarantees the olive growers a fast and effective harvest, which is at the same time respectful of the olive branches, as the oscillations, favoring the detachment of the olives, do not cause damage the trees.

The teeth of Alice Premium 58 are made of high-strength technopolymer and are interchangeable and flexible. They ensure an excellent harvesting efficiency on all types of cultivars, also thanks to their opposed elliptical movement patented by Campagnola. These characteristics allow optimal penetration even in the presence of particularly thick foliage and prevent both the fall of the leaves and the damage to the branches.

Our Power 58 brushless motor (58 V – 350 W) is electronically driven and does not need any maintenance. It makes Alice Premium 58 a powerful workmate, while the speed selector, allows the operator to work either at 1080 or at 1150 strokes per minute.

Alice is also fitted with an electronic power saver. When it is inserted, it adjusts the speed of the rakes, increasing it during work and slowing it down when the teeth do not touch the branches.

There are two ways of powering this tool, which distinguish Alice Premium 58 and Alice ECO. While Alice ECO can be connected to a common lead-acid battery for car, Alice Premium 58 can be powered by a practical, lightweight Li-Ion 170 or Li-Ion 700 lithium-ion battery, carried in a comfortable, ergonomic backpack.

The operator’s comfort has always been a starting point for our innovations and is evident in the excellent balance in the weight distribution of Alice Premium 58. Its motor is fitted in the lower part of the extension pole, instead of in the harvesting head of the tool. The lightness and the absence of vibrations complete the pluses of this olive harvester, together with the availability of telescopic poles in carbon or aluminum, which increase the versatility of the tool and make it suitable to face all the challenges of the harvesting season.

Iron: power and versatility

Pneumatic harvesters, such as Iron, are the most used by those who carry out an intensive and frequent use of this type of agricultural tools. In their design our team has its main focus on efficiency, harvesting capacity and resistance. Iron is proposed as the ideal solution for those who look for reliability and power in all working conditions.

The excellent performance of Iron makes it suitable for interventions on any type of olive grove and allows it to offer maximized harvesting capacity even on trees with thick foliage or on the olives which are more resistant to the detachment from the branches.

Also in this case, Campagnola innovation is the protagonist. First of all, the technopolymer teeth of Iron have a characteristic Diapason shape, patented by Campagnola and designed to carry out the most effective smooth movements among the branches.

In addition, Iron is fitted with the “short stroke” system, which, by reducing the opening of the rakes, is able to increase the harvesting speed up to 1500 strokes per minute, guaranteeing a great improvement in the operations.

To ensure Iron a long-life span there are some fundamental elements: its steel or aluminum components, such as the support of the rakes or the piston, its magnesium alloy structure, which minimizes the so-called “ice effect”, and its conveyor, which directs the exhaust air onto the transmission components, so that they always keep correctly refrigerated and lubricated.

Iron also offers its users perfect balance and extremely low weight, becoming one of the best choices for those who never give up professional quality.

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