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Pneumatic shears: the features and advantages


Our pneumatic shears offer numerous advantages to professionals who need high-performance tools for pruning vineyards, olive groves and orchards. They are all characterized by excellent efficiency and power, making them the perfect solution for all intensive pruning jobs.

The compressed air shears of the Professional Line by Campagnola are the result of a perfect fusion between the most effective production processes – consolidated and perfected over the years – and the most advanced technologies in the sector: a combination of past and future, capable of offering innovative and highly performing tools.

All the plus of a Campagnola pneumatic shear

The pneumatic shears of our Professional Line are an excellent alternative to traditional manual tools, as they offer significantly higher efficiency, up to 30-40%. The most recent pneumatic shears by Campagnola (Victory model) are also particularly light due to the use of technopolymer with carbon fibers.

Therefore, the users of Campagnola compressed air shears can, , count on great comfort after several hours of use. Fundamental in this perspective is their ergonomics, perfectly adapting to the grip of the hand. This turns into a choice for well-being, since pruning operations become less tiring for the operator!

All the models of pneumatic shears of the Professional Line can be mounted both on fixed and telescopic extension poles, for high and otherwise difficult to reach branches. These tools are operated either by a PTO or by an engine-driven compressor.

Other relevant advantages of the Professional Line pneumatic shears are the forged steel blades with an excellent resistance and extremely quick and easy maintenance.


Our line of professional pneumatic shears

The needs of pruning in orchards, olive groves and vineyards are naturally different, due to the numerous types of wood to be cut and the presence of branches of various diameters. Precisely for this reason, we have designed and created a range of pneumatic shears which are able to cover every need of professional users.

Star 30, for example, is a pneumatic shear with a particularly thin body. It offers excellent cutting results thanks to the high-performance forged steel blades, available both in the version for pruning vineyard and orchard. The double piston reduces the kickback effect and keeps the handle diameter (42 mm) particularly thin.

Star 40 too is equipped with high standard forged steel blades and a technopolymer body and is adaptable to all extension poles. It is a model with a great cutting capacity in all work situations, up to diameters of 40 mm.

For those who do not want to give up precise and accurate cuts on all types of wood, Super Star Double Cut is the ideal solution. Particularly suitable for pruning fruit plants, it guarantees extremely professional results performing precise cuts.

The Victory pneumatic shears have been specially designed to meet the most specific needs of professionals, who look for a perfect mix of handiness, practicality of use and high performance. The cutting power of Victory is 15% higher than that of the pneumatic shears of the same size and its weight-to-performance ratio is extraordinarily balanced.

So, if you need reliable tools for pruning orchards, olive groves or vineyards, come and discover our Professional Line pneumatic shears: a range capable of satisfying even the most demanding users.

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