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Kronos 58: the new professional chain pruner by Campagnola


As a result of the advanced Research & Development Department of Campagnola, the Kronos 58 electric chain pruner entered our Professional Line at the end of 2020. Conceived, designed and manufactured with a focus on the specific needs of expert users in the sector, it facilitates as much as possible the professional pruning operations.

Kronos 58 is the only electric chain pruner of our Professional Line and is proposed as a multipurpose tool. With its unique features, however, it shares with the other Campagnola products the Made in Italy quality and an excellent performance.

The characteristics of the Kronos 58 chain pruner

The Kronos 58 battery-operated chain pruner is the ideal solution for those who look for quick and precise cuts, excellent performances and compact shape and extreme reliability of the tool.
The Kronos 58 electric chain pruner is fitted with a 1/4 ″ chain, which, working at high speeds, allows the operator to carry out clean cuts. It is also equipped with a 6-speed selector that allows rapid changes from 11.4 m / sec to 14.8 m / sec. Its 10 ” Slim bar is particularly recommended for its shape and performance.
The built-in oil tank of Kronos 58 allows the chain to be lubricated automatically – an essential factor for keeping its perfect efficiency – and guarantees maximum reliability and effectiveness to the end user.

The 1200 W brushless motor is another essential ally for pruning and is ideal for making quick cuts of branches with a diameter of 10-15 cm. The combination of its power, dimension and position – with a perfect distribution of the weight –   makes the Campagnola electric chain pruner at the same time balanced, efficient and easily maneuverable by the operator.

A two-color LED indicator allows the user to always monitor the correct pressure on the branch and the maximum power consumption.

The latest generation lithium ions Li-Ion 700 battery, without memory effect, supplies power to Kronos 58, offering the operator an autonomy of about 600 cuts on branches of 10 cm in diameter, which means an entire working day, although the data may obviously vary according to the cutting diameter and the type of wood.

In any case, combining Kronos 58 with the power of the Li-Ion 700 battery undoubtedly optimizes the performance of the electric chain pruner, directly affecting an essential factor such as the number of cuts that can be performed for each charging cycle. Other important elements of the combination of Kronos and Li-Ion 700 are high quality standards and the respect for the health of the operator.

The design of the Li-Ion 700 has, in fact, been developed to minimize the operator’s fatigue and maximize the tool comfort. This light and not bulky battery is inserted in a special ergonomic backpack, equipped with a practical lumbar reinforcement and made of breathable fabric.

Why should you choose Kronos 58 for professional pruning?

Kronos 58 has been designed to carry out precise cuts on any type of plant and to work effectively on branches that can even reach a diameter of 15 to 20 cm. In any case, it is particularly suitable for orchards and ornamental plants and has been developed with special consideration for professionals who need an adequate equipment for pruning public greenery.

Thanks to the carbon extension pole, the operator can reach heights of 130, 190 or 230 cm. This makes Kronos 58 robust, but extremely easy to use and versatile. The three lengths of the extension poles allow the user to prune branches at different heights while still maintaining a stable base – the ground or some other safe surface – and complete control of the tool during the cutting phase.

Its weight (only 3.250 kg), its compactness and its handiness are essential qualities of a tool that makes it easier for the experienced user to prune even high branches and in all working conditions.

Kronos 58 is noiseless and vibration-free and guarantees freedom of movement for a cutting work of excellent quality.

Therefore, Kronos 58 is an effective solution for a wide range of professional needs.

Search for it on our website or contact our technicians to find out all the features of the new chain pruner.

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