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Campagnola catalog: between past and present

The goal of our research for innovation is not simply to respond to the farmers’ needs: in fact, we wish to anticipate market trends and to exceed the expectations of our professional customers with cutting-edge solutions that make their tasks easier, less tiring and more productive.

By following the dynamics of the sector, we are able to identify the best applicable technologies to meet the needs of a constantly evolving sector.

The purpose of our daily commitment is to bring together experience, know-how and quality in our product range for facilitated harvesting and pruning. From design to manufacturing and then to marketing, our products, proposed to the national and international market, offer the best Made in Italy, but we also keep our attention to the opportunities of foreign markets for both sales and purchases.

What distinguishes the Campagnola catalog?

The synergistic interaction between our specialized technicians and our external partners creates a fertile ground and its fruits are produced in the name of innovation, because our main focus is on the end user.

The workflow that leads from the design of our catalog proposals to their placing on the market is characterized by strict protocols, which ensure the professional operators who choose our brand the certainty of relying on certified, safe, very well performing and resistant products over time.

Our quick reactivity to market demands is possible thanks to the implementation of efficient design strategies and of functional production techniques, as well as the use of advanced materials. This is a winning mix, which has led Campagnola to obtain 17 industrial patents: a great satisfaction for us and a guarantee of reliability for our customers.

Every single step that leads to the creation of our products is the result of the work of highly qualified and competent personnel. For Campagnola, the beating heart leading to success are its people, who make the difference with their skills and enthusiasm.

The products designed and assembled in our factories bear our well-known trademark. Behind it there are accurate controls, as well as the compliance with the strict regulations in terms of safety and quality. This is a deeply rooted attitude of ours, which has always pushed us to search for high standards and led us to be the only company in the sector to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification.

The certifications that have been awarded to us over the years are a confirmation of the skills and commitment of all our Management and staff, as well as of the continuity we give to the ethical values which our Founder, Mr Vittorio Ferretti,​​ passed on to us.

Campagnola catalog: GREEN Line and PROFESSIONAL Line

The two product lines are designed to offer targeted solutions to those who want to work in the field accompanied by our Campagnola brand.

What distinguishes the PROFESSIONAL Line from the GREEN Line are the purposes and uses in the field, but, although different, the two ranges have some fundamental elements in common: excellent performance, innovative technology, great sturdiness and versatility.

The PROFESSIONAL Line has been created for professional agricultural operators, who carry out intensive pruning or need to perform their seasonal harvesting in a fast and highly productive way. To keep their high cutting and harvesting capacity, the tools must be robust and efficient and must also comply with the most modern principles of ergonomics, balance in the weight distribution and comfort for the user. The PROFESSIONAL Line is characterized by three main proposals: electric, pneumatic and endothermic tools.

It is composed of a full range of harvesters, shakers, chain pruners, shears, PTO and engine-driven compressors, extension poles, various functional accessories, as well as a line of hand tools: shears, saws, loppers and hedge trimmers.

The GREEN Line has been designed to meet the needs of those who do not carry out intensive pruning, but do not want to give up the quality of our solutions. It is a valid completion of our Campagnola catalog for anyone who works – even just for passion or in a semi-professional way – in the sector of fruit, olive or vine growing or ornamental plants.

Campagnola quality on a global scale

Our extensive commercial network spreads the values ​​connected to our brand around the world, in over 70 countries. It is made up of agents, importers, dealers and service centers, all indispensable points of reference in their territory, since they offer our customers a perfect support both in the purchasing and in the after-sales phase, following the kind, as well as highly professional approach, which has been characterizing Campagnola since 1958.

Furthermore, Campagnola Ibérica de Suministros Agricolas is our exclusive distributor for the entire market of the Iberian Peninsula, Central and South America.

Always well protected in our luggage we keep the over 60 years of history that distinguish us, but we look at the future. In this way we keep our standards high and every day we succeed in winning or keeping our customers’ trust.

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