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T-Cat: the right workmate for your finishing pruning interventions

The main target of our Research and Development department is to design tomorrow’s innovations, meeting the needs of those who work in the agricultural sector every day and carry out pruning and harvesting operations with passion. It is precisely the professionalism and enthusiasm of our customers what inspire us to search for new technologies, so we have added new tools to our GREEN Line.

To complete the Campagnola product line for a non-intensive use, we have introduced a new electric chain pruner with Plug-in battery: T-Cat, a concentrate of practicality, specifically designed for those who want to practice DIY finishing pruning interventions, counting on a high quality tool.

All the pluses of our T-Cat chain pruner with Plug-in battery

The innovative T-Cat pruner is a perfect mix of cutting precision and effectiveness and is proposed as an indispensable tool in the equipment of the operators who need a handy and compact workmate to support them. when cutting shrubs, branches or bushes. 

Useful to facilitate operations in orchard, olive grove and vineyard or simply to perform perfect finishing pruning operations very quickly, T-Cat is an ideal partner for those who have devoted themselves to greenery just for passion, without sacrificing the power, functionality and quality standards which are typical of the Campagnola brand.

The excellent performance of this new Plug-in-battery-powered chain pruner is combined with an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio and make T-Cat a real surprise both for loyal users of our products and for those who want to approach our brand to test its reliability.

The technical characteristics of T-Cat

The latest addition to the GREEN Line family of electric chain pruners with Plug-in battery offers a wide range of technical features of great interest, which make it a perfect product for the operators who want to enrich their range of tools, as well as for those who want to approach the care of domestic greenery.

T-Cat can cut branches and shrubs up to a maximum size of 8 cm in diameter, offering excellent safe performances. Its ¼ “chain has 29 links, is mounted on a 4” bar and reaches a speed of 6 m/sec.

T-Cat is driven by a brushless motor controlled by an electronic board and its maximum power is 300 W. Its ergonomic non-slip handle and extremely low total weight (only 1.050 kg including tool and battery). Make our T-Cat hobby pruner absolutely comfortable for the operator.

Operating with T-Cat allows, therefore, to count on small dimensions and a structure specifically designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement without tiring the operator’s arm. T-Cat is supplied with 2 Plug-in lithium batteries, with a nominal voltage of 10.8 V (12.6 V max) and a capacity of 2.5 Ah. When pruning branches with a diameter of  6 cm, it has an autonomy of about 50 cuts.

The best way to evaluate the concrete advantages of T-Cat is to test it: by contacting your Campagnola dealer, you can receive all the information you need and order your T-Cat electric pruner, which will be available starting from September.

T-Cat is a smart way to get ready everything you need for a new pruning season, with a specialized brand always by your side.




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