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Why choose a professional electric olive harvester?

When harvesting time approaches, harvesters, olive shakers and nets are the right equipment to perform with professionalism and precision this important operation, which closes one of the cycles of the plant and starts the processing of its drupes.

Olive harvesting can be carried out at different times of the year: thanks to the grower’s experience it is possible to recognize the best time to proceed and define the ideal degree of ripeness based on the cultivar and the use to be made of the olives, either for the production of oil or for the transformation a table product.

It is precisely on the basis of our great know-how that we at Campagnola design our agricultural products, so that they respond exactly to the needs of professional growers. Our harvesters, for example, provide their users with a perfect mix of practicality and performance, in order to make harvesting efficient and comfortable for the operators, as well as respectful of the plant health.

There are different models of olive harvesters by Campagnola, which, while all using the same operating principle, have different power-supply systems. Among the most popular there are the battery-operated ones, which make the electric harvester one of the most common tools in olive groves.

The advantages of a professional electric olive harvester

One of the main features of battery-powered harvesters is that they are lightweight and easily transportable, as well as maneuverable with minimal operator’s fatigue. They are among the most popular mechanical harvesting tools, also because their ease of use is linked to a very satisfactory work performance.

The same freedom of movement is offered by the engine-driven harvesters, which despite being heavier than the electric models, offer the operator complete freedom of movement, as they do not need cables for the connection to a battery or a compressor. Pneumatic harvesters, on the other hand, need to be connected to PTO or engine- driven compressors, a factor that makes their use particularly suitable for large crops and particularly intense work sessions.

The versatility of the professional electric harvesters by Campagnola is what makes them the tool of choice for those who want maximum practicality, without giving up speed, excellent harvesting capacity and full reliability. A point in favor of these tools is also their eco-sustainability, ensured by the latest generation lithium-ion batteries, to which they can be connected.

The electric harvesters proposed by Campagnola, in fact, can be powered both by 80/90 Ah car batteries and by lithium-ion batteries (the Li-ion 170 and Li-Ion 700 models), which can be inserted in ergonomic backpacks. They guarantee exceptional working autonomy.

Once you have established that battery power is the system you need, which other features should you consider to choose the ideal electric harvester for your tasks?

Which are the elements for the best choice?

There are many factors to be examined in order to select the professional electric olive harvester which truly meets the practical needs of the operator. First of all, the weight of the tool: the choice of power supply is an excellent alternative, when it is required an equipment that does not strain the operator’s limbs, shoulders and back. The low weight of the electric olive harvester is combined, in fact, with the reduced size of the lightweight, highly efficient power supply batteries.

The kind of rakes is another of the elements to be evaluated, in order to understand, whether it is better to choose interchangeable technopolymer teeth, such as those of Alice Premium 58, or long carbon teeth, such as those of Hercules 58 or Icarus 58.

The oscillation speed of the rakes is one of the variables that can make the difference. The best solution is to have a tool with adjustable speed: Campagnola electric harvesters have, among their advantages, a speed selector, which allows the operator to work at 1080 or 1150 strokes per minute.

The movement of the harvesting heads is another distinctive element of a harvester. Campagnola proposes the opposed elliptical movement of Alice, the elliptical movement of Hercules and Holly, the opposed horizontal movement of Icarus and the opposed movement of Elektra.

The fixed or telescopic extension poles complete each harvester: whether they are made of carbon or aluminum, they allow the adjustment of the tool length, making the harvesting tool even more versatile and suitable for facing any working condition.

Perfect penetration into the foliage, excellent weight distribution, anti-vibration systems, ergonomics and efficiency are among the peculiarities of our harvesting tools, which are considered as the partner of choice of numerous operators in the sector.

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