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“Double click” for shears with Plug-in battery

Pruning can be carried out in viticulture, olive growing and fruit growing, but also on ornamental plants and public parks, always with the focus on preserving the health of the plants and also encouraging their development and productivity.

The type of intervention to be performed may vary depending on the kind of cultivar, the extension of the cultivation, the season and the result to be obtained. To perform efficient easy pruning operations, it is necessary to have a high-performance equipment, that allows the operator to move easily.

Electric shears are one of the basic components of a pruning equipment, since they are precise and high-performance tools. The battery-operated shears of the GREEN Line by Campagnola have been designed to guarantee clean cuts on every type of plant and a long lifespan of the tool.

In addition to offering power, strength and excellent operational efficiency, our Stark L and Stark M cordless shears have been enriched with an important novelty: the “double click” system which allows the quick change of the opening of the blade and witnesses the company’s commitment to constant improvement.

What is a quick change of the blade opening for?

In the context of facilitated pruning, one of the most important characteristics is versatility. Pruning operations are carried out on branches with different diameters and require continuous adjustments in the blade opening of the shears.

Generally, this opening variation, which is possible in most professional tools, requires the use of a special button for setting the blades and a “physiological” time for the tool to adapt to the new configuration.

This quick change of opening, is proposed as a functional and extremely practical system for a facilitated pruning. Just added also to the peculiarities of our Stark L and Stark M electric shears with Plug-in battery, thanks to a simple double click this solutions increases the productivity and the comfort of the operators.

How does the “double click” system work?

The Stark M cordless shears allow the operators to carry out smooth cuts of branches up to 32 mm in diameter and are the electric pruning shears with the best power-to-weight ratio of its category. Stark L, on the other hand, is the biggest model among the electric pruning shears with Plug-in battery of the Campagnola GREEN Line. Its blade opening allows it to prune branches up to 37 mm in diameter. This makes it a perfect partner for interventions on olive trees, ornamental plants and citrus groves.

Thanks to the work of our technicians and the innovation capacity of our R&D department, Stark M and Stark L are now equipped with this function, which maximizes their performance and increases their handiness: the system allows, in fact, to vary the opening of the blades from 70% to 100% with just two quick clicks of the trigger and no waiting times.

The installed software automatically restarts the opening from 70%, making Stark M and Stark L indispensable tools for anyone wishing to count on maximum practicality in pruning operations.

The quick change of the blade opening, therefore, provides the two models of electric shears with one more very interesting plus, which is added to the vast list of advantages of these two tools: blades made of highly resistant steel, LCD display to control the cuts, long operating autonomy thanks to the lithium batteries, excellent power provided by a brushless motor and freedom of movement for the operator thanks to the absence of cables. Moreover, these shears can be mounted on an extension pole.

Therefore, this is an innovation we are particularly proud of and which is a further step

towards a proposal of facilitated pruning and harvesting tools, capable of meeting the needs of our customers more and more accurately.

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