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ENOVITIS: finally we can see you again!

The difficulties connected to this hard time have inevitably also marked a slowdown in the demonstrations and events in which Campagnola has always been proud to be called to participate. However, on the 1st and 2nd of July, 2021 we can show you the best of our proposal once again live on the occasion of the Enovitis In Campo fair, totally dedicated to the most innovative technologies. vanguard of the vine growing sector.

The importance of Enovitis for viticulture

One of the key points of the Enovitis fair is the opportunity for the manufacturers to demonstrate in the vineyard the quality and effectiveness of their solutions. Looking up into a catalog or finding a product in a shop, even if undoubtedly useful and interesting ways of knowing more about it, cannot replace the result of attending practical demonstrations in the field, such as those organized by Enovitis.

In fact, contextualizing the methods of application and concrete uses of the best tools for vineyard pruning makes the tests extremely realistic and allows the end users to evaluate their real effectiveness. Such a large amount of data and information would be impossible to collect in any other way.

Not only the most advanced technologies dedicated to vineyard pruning are tested, but also the machinery for soil treatment and the products for phytosanitary protection, as well as the most valid irrigation systems, biomass recovery and any other key support for a viticulture that complies with the highest quality standards and looks at the future with determination.

Enovitis also organizes many complementary events, such as guided tours and conferences, which make it an event that no one who operates in the viticulture sector can miss.

The scenario of the 2021 edition

The July 2021 edition of Enovitis takes place in the landscape of one of the most internationally famous regions of Italy for vineyard: we are talking about Piedmont and the lands of Monferrato, home of unparalleled biodiversity, which offers 13 types of wine with DOC and DOCG designation of origin.

The rows of the innovative Pico Maccario farm in Mombaruzzo, in the province of Asti, will host the Enovitis field days: exhibitors and visitors will be able to move among vineyards planted with Barbera, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other world-famous grape varieties.

Campagnola solutions for vineyard pruning

Enovitis in Campo will be a precious opportunity for Campagnola to personally meet its final customers, but also dealers, suppliers and commercial partners. The days of the event will allow them to see our flagship products, properly designed for interventions in the vineyard and designed by our specialized technicians, focusing on usability, handiness and cutting power.

The tools from our GREEN LINE and PROFESSIONAL LINE are the demonstration of the experience of Campagnola in the vineyard pruning sector. The cutting power concentrated in the small size of our T-Rex electric chain pruner with plug-in battery will be an icon of the functionality offered by the range of products powered by lithium batteries. The same extraordinary weight-to-power ratio also characterizes our Stark M electric shears with plug-in battery.

The most advanced lithium-ion technology with its surprising performances also powers our LINE 44, which is part of the GREEN LINE. Electric pruning shears, such as Easy S and Easy L, are fast, resistant and recommended for working on any type of vineyard.

On the other hand, our Star 30 and Star 40 pneumatic shears are dedicated to a range of professional and extremely demanding users: Star 30 is made in a specific version with blades for vineyard pruning and another for orchard pruning, while STAR 40 has been designed for universal use. Both guarantee robust forged steel blades, absence of vibrations, as well as reliable and lightweight technopolymer bodies.

The same compactness and handiness also distinguishes the PROFESSIONAL LINE electric shears, namely Cobra Pro, which that combines ease of maintenance with a remarkable cutting capacity, and Pony Pro, the lightest electric shear for vineyards in the entire Campagnola catalog.

To complete the offer that we will show at Enovitis, our Nexi electric tying tool could not be missing. Like the other products of the GREEN LINE and all the other Campagnola proposals, it has been designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals.

See you in July!

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