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T-REX 160-240: the new electric chain pruner with telescopic extension pole

Electric chain pruners are designed to facilitate farmers in their seasonal operations and allow them to carry out clean cuts with minimum effort and high precision. The chain pruners with plug-in battery of the GREEN Line by Campagnola ensure excellent handiness and allow to prune fruit trees, vineyards and ornamental plants without any cables, backpack batteries or compressors.

Within this category of tools, particularly appreciated by operators who practice non-intensive pruning, there is now a new product born from the technical research by Campagnola: T-REX 160-240, an electric chain pruner mounted on a telescopic extension pole. It is a concentrate of advantages and potential, which enriches the GREEN line.

The advantages of the new T-REX 160-240

Often pruning operations involve foliage that is difficult to be cut by a common chain pruner, which can reach a maximum height equal to the extension of the operator’s arm. Dry pruning and green pruning, however, may both require interventions on high branches, in order to improve their aeration and lighting, as well as the aesthetics and productivity of the plant.

A pole-mounted chain pruner offers a practical solution to this need and allows to cut even the highest branches, working from the ground without using a ladder. In fact, the new T-REX 160-240 combines the power of an electric chain pruner by Campagnola with the efficiency of a tool mounted on a telescopic extension pole, which can extend from a minimum of 160 cm to a maximum of 240 cm (pole length without bar).

This new tool is the answer to the requirements of all those farmers who wish to work safely, avoiding the risk of falling from a ladder. In addition to the reduction of working hazards, pruning from the ground also allows to have a better overview of the plant and to carry out a precise and timely intervention.

The technical characteristics of T-REX 160-240

The brushless motor of the T-REX 160-240 is undoubtedly among its most important features. The power of a 450 W motor allows, in fact, to obtain optimal results in any situation of use, with a considerable saving of time and requiring the operator’s minimal physical effort. T-REX 160-240 guarantees an excellent performance also thanks to an optimized cutting system, designed to achieve professional results even with a product powered exclusively by plug-in lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, the new telescopic-pole-mounted chain pruner can make burr-free cuts on branches up to 21 cm in diameter. This allows the operator to prune any type of plant, without stopping when the branches are very thick and resistant to cutting.

The cutting chain of T-REX 160-240 is made up of 48 links and has a pitch of 1/4 “. Thanks to the exceptional performance of its lithium-ion batteries and its brushless motor, it can reach a speed of 12 m / sec. Combined, moreover, with an 8” bar it helps to make the new Campagnola tool an indispensable ally even in the most demanding pruning sessions.

The chain tensioning system of T-REX 160-240 is manual, while its lubrication device is automatic and guarantees perfect smoothness of the chain movement and maximum reliability of the tool. The integrated and transparent oil tank allows to always keep the level under control and facilitates the routine maintenance operations.

Handiness and safety in a single tool

T-REX 160-240 is supplied with a 21.6 V (5 Ah) lithium-ion plug-in battery, which guarantees an excellent speed and a long working autonomy. In fact, with a single recharge it is possible to make up to 220 cuts of branches with a diameter of 8 cm, without any interruption or loss of power. A modern LCD display also allows to easily check the battery charge percentage and the total working hours of the tool.

One of the advantages of products powered by interchangeable lithium-ion batteries is their extremely low weight. Without battery, T-REX 160-240 weighs only 2880 g, but it barely reaches 3550 g even when the battery is plugged in, ensuring the operator’s full freedom of movement and minimal back and limb fatigue.

The perfect weight distribution also actively contributes to the well-being and safety of those who use T-REX 160-240, together with the ergonomic non-slip handle with safety switch and protection from any kickbacks.

A practical shoulder strap, supplied with T-REX 160-240, makes any operation even less tiring. The kit includes, in addition to the tool, a lithium-ion battery, a 3-output battery charger and a bar guard.

If you want more information on the new T-REX 160-240, you can contact our technicians or specialized dealers, who will be able to provide you with all the details of this new GREEN Line tool.

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