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The uses of NEXI tying tool: not just for vineyards

Tying tools are indispensable for fixing shoots and branches to the wooden structures or to the support wires. Extremely simple to use, they allow to carry out precise and resistant operations quickly and with a single gesture. They are, in fact, an ideal solution when the goal is to reduce intervention time and labor costs.

To carry out the tying process correctly is essential to guarantee the plants a harmonious vegetative growth and a homogeneous productive development. The dual function of this activity, which is aesthetic and physiological, requires efficient tools and great care.

Even if it is often connected to the vineyard tasks, the tying tool is versatile and can be used in other contexts, such as vegetable gardens, fruit trees and shrubs and gardens.

Which tying tool can you choose?

Various models of tying tools are available on the market, in manual or battery-operated version. While the use of manual models is limited to non-intensive and occasional interventions, the use of battery-operated electric ones greatly simplifies the tying operation and lightens the physical effort of those who carry out this task.

Our NEXI electric tying tool integrates all the features you need to maximize your performance. Powered by a modern lithium-ion plug-in battery, it allows you to perform up to 80 tying operations per minute, choosing among 6 tying modes, according to the type of plant and the purpose of the operation.

NEXI is compatible with standard, bio-photodegradable and paper twist tie yarn and is fitted with large reels that ensure an excellent working autonomy. Its light weight and the ergonomics of its handle make it the right tool when you need to perform quick and accurate interventions.

What can you use your NEXI tying tool for?

Handy and simple to use, the electric tying tool of the GREEN Line by Campagnola proves to be functional in many contexts. As for vineyard, NEXI allows to tie the shoots in order to direct their growth along the support structures and distribute the sap to favor the fruiting production of the plant. This tying tool is perfect for the use in the vineyard, thanks also to the freedom of movement that it guarantees.

But the use on grape shoots is not the only purpose of a tying tool, which can be a reliable workmate whenever it is necessary to give order and shape to the plants.

For gardens and green spaces

A tying tool can be useful, for example, for those who deal with gardens and green spaces and need to fix flower stems or plant branches to specific artificial supports. Often shrubs, climbing and other kinds of plants need to be supported to develop harmoniously and withstand the action of adverse weather conditions, such as wind or heavy rain.

When carrying out this type of intervention, it is important to give a natural course to the vegetation development and to carry out not too tight tying operations that could ruin the branches and compromise their health. Private gardens, parks and public green areas may require the experience of an expert gardener and NEXI is proposed as the best tool for even an intensive use. It is supplied, in fact, with two lithium batteries (14.4 V). Each one allows to perform about 10,000 tying operations.

In addition, a single reel of paper twist tie allows the user to carry out up to 960 tying operations, while with standard or bio-photodegradable reels he can perform 810 without ever interrupting the work.

For fruit trees

NEXI is extremely practical even for orchards. In the first years of their life, many plants need to be tied to special supports, to prevent them from being uprooted in case of strong wind or storms. At the time of planting, for example, apple, plum, chestnut, olive and pear trees and numerous other species are tied to stakes that will support them for the first two to four years of life or in any case until their root system is enough anchored to the ground. The help of an electric tool can be useful to tie the smaller branches to the cables or cords in the support structure.

Furthermore, the shoots of climbing plants such as kiwi must be distributed and fixed to special pergola architectures, creating a suitable growth. Also in these cases it is good not to damage the plant with too tight bindings, to allow the stems and branches to move freely and develop without obstacles.

Tying in orchards can be particularly tiring for the operator, especially if the plants are numerous. This is why NEXI has been designed not to tire those who use it, thanks to its ergonomic non-slip handle and its optimal weight distribution (in total 1.011 kg, plug-in battery included). These design precautions allow the tool to be used for hours without burdening the operator’s musculoskeletal system. In addition, the special cable, patented by Campagnola, allows to remove the plugged-in battery and to put it into the belt holster, reducing the weight of the tool to only 0.780 g.

For vegetable gardens

Even within the vegetable gardens there are many plants that need to be tied to grow evenly and well distributed. Tomatoes are among these, but also peppers, aubergines or climbing vegetables such as peas and green beans. While some plants need stakes or vertical supports, others need a more complex structure, which can stimulate their development capacity.

The small size of our NEXI electric tying tool allows the user to effortlessly reach every corner in the vegetable garden, performing fast tying wherever needed, with windings from 3 to 8 twists. Effortlessly handled with one hand, NEXI is undoubtedly a practical aid to make tying sessions easier and less tiring.For fruit shrubs

Another use for which NEXI proposes itself as an ideal ally is for fruit shrubs, such as raspberries or blackberries. These plants require, in fact, a robust system of stakes, in order to give the desired fruits and guarantee their quality and optimal degree of ripeness.

For ornamental plants

Even indoor plants may require the use of supports and ties, especially when they have been put into small pots and the weight of the foliage makes it difficult for them to grow straight.

NEXI is a multifunctional and versatile tool, which can be used for various needs. Discover all its features on our web site and contact us for the technical information you need!

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