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The 2022 season for Campagnola: Vanni Roncagli tells us

In the first months of each year, a moment of reflection about the previous one does not only help to understand what worked and what did not and which strategies need to be improved, but it is also useful for looking at the future and understanding with which approach and which tools to face it.

For Campagnola, 2021 was a year of results above all expectations for various products, but also a time of challenges particularly due to procurement difficulties, which were solved thanks to the forward-looking organization of the company resources. The year 2022 promises to be full of new successes, but also of new commitments, which the management of Campagnola is ready to face with the positive attitude that has always distinguished us.

Our Sales Director, Mr Vanni Roncagli, was interviewed about these and many other interesting topics by MG Marketing & Giardinaggio magazine. In the issue of February 2022, he talked about the latest choices of Campagnola and outlined its future development.

2021? A balance between difficulty and great results

The historical period we are experiencing is undoubtedly full of critical problems and requires a strong adaptation spirit, if a company wishes to evolve. Despite the obstacles due to the present moment, Campagnola managed to close 2021 with a record of results and a 30% growth compared to the previous year.

The sale of our products experienced a positive trend during the last year, even if the olive production was below what had been estimated. “The greatest growth was found in the sales of equipment for pruning vineyards, orchards, olive groves and ornamental plants included in the GREEN product range, for which Campagnola is considered to be one of the major market leaders”, says Mr Roncagli, confirming the achievement of interesting goals even during a not easy 2021.

One of the worst problems for the world of industry was the difficulty in getting raw materials and components. However, thanks to its optimized management and the careful administration of its product stocks, Campagnola was able to meet most of the deadlines for the delivery to importers and dealers and to supply the entire sales network without generating long waits.

The sales prices of the products by Campagnola remained unchanged throughout 2021, despite the increases in production costs. Only at the beginning of 2022 our GREEN and PROFESSIONAL price lists were updated with the new rates, which necessarily integrate the increased costs of raw materials and components.

Campagnola in 2022: what is to be expected?

According to Mr Roncagli, in 2022 Campagnola will be engaged in two main developments: on the one hand the further strengthening of its already consolidated growth trend in the national market and on the other hand the expansion of foreign markets, where our company already operates with a large sales network.

In 2022 the strengthening of the commercial network will accompany also a further development of the two product lines, which we currently offer on the market, and an intensification of the production quality controls regularly carried out by Campagnola. Among the focuses, there is also an improvement of our already so much appreciated customer service and an enhancement of our logistics, to optimize delivery times.

According to Mr Roncagli “These are the main distinguishing factors that Campagnola intends to pursue, in order to offer its customers the best solutions to their various work needs.”

The pluses of Campagnola and the role of its dealer network

Since its very beginning Campagnola has been able to evolve following the concrete needs of those who use its tools. This modus operandi traces even today the guidelines for our investments and guides the efforts for the expansion and qualitative improvement of our product range.

Thanks to innovative projects and the support of the most advanced technologies, Campagnola aims at making its tools increasingly attractive, intercepting new end-users among those interested in the proposals for both amateurs and professionals.

In fact, those who rely on this brand are attracted by the efficient performance of our tools and by our numerous patented systems. Moreover they appreciate our excellent pre and aftersales service, the long history of our brand and the fact that our prices are adequate to the product technical features.

Mr. Vanni also confirmed to MG Marketing & Giardinaggio that “presence, service, availability, quality, logistics, product range, uniqueness in solutions and guarantee of profit” will continue to be among the discriminating factors that Campagnola uses to select its dealers. In fact, we consider our well-prepared and competent sales network as an essential strength for keeping and exceeding the results achieved so far.

Therefore, this year will be full of ideas to be developed and ambitious goals to be achieved, always with the spirit of proactiveness and resilience that has been distinguishing Campagnola for over 60 years.

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