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Professional pruning shears: with or without battery?

For vine growers the approach of winter marks the beginning of a season of important operations. Vineyard pruning is one of the most challenging and important interventions of this period of the year. To perform it in the best way, targeted tools and techniques are needed, which can guarantee the quality of the grapes and the ability of the plants to grow, to support the bunches and to endure climatic adversities.

The pruning shears manufactured by Campagnola are an important part of a complete equipment for the vineyard care. Based on our know-how of over 60 years, these tools are the result of the widespread presence of our brand on the world market, which has allowed us to collect feedback and experiences from Italian and international operators and translate them into highly technological products.

All the electric, pneumatic or manual pruning shears manufactured by Campagnola can carry out precise and extremely effective work sessions in vineyard. The constant research of our specialized technicians has allowed us to create two distinct ranges of products: the PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line. They are based on the same principle of efficiency and meet the specific needs of professional operators as well as of amateurs, who make a non-intensive use of the tools.

Two different needs, just one goal: maximum performance of the product and minimum effort for the operator.

The characteristics of the shears for vineyard pruning

When you are about to choose your professional vineyard pruning shears, there are numerous tool features to analyze. First of all, you should always make sure that the shear has the maximum precision for cutting any type of branch. It is preferable to opt for tools fitted with highly resistant forged steel blades, because the material they are made of and the treatments they are subjected to are able to guarantee optimal performance even during intensive interventions, as well as a low level of wear.

If you want to count on high-performance tools even in the longest and most demanding pruning sessions, choose shears powered by efficient systems. Depending on your needs, you can opt for electric tools with backpack, belt or plug-in batteries, or for pneumatic shears to be power supplied by towed, self-propelled or tractor-mounted engine driven compressors, or by PTO compressors.

Once you have chosen the energy source that will supply your blades with all the power they need, check whether the professional vine pruning shears you want to buy have been designed to maximize the operator’s comfort. Important details are an ergonomic handle, a low and well-balanced weight (often obtained with the use of technopolymers and carbon fibers) and few vibrations.

Not to be underestimated, obviously, is the safety of the tools used for vineyard pruning sessions. Check that they are equipped with adequate protections, reliable safety locks, non-slip handles and other technical details that perform this function. Last but not least, when selecting the shears, make sure they have been designed and manufactured by a well-known brand, which can guarantee both careful pre-sales consultancy and after-sales assistance.

Which professional battery or pneumatic pruning shears are the best?

In the universe of vineyard pruning there are truly numerous valid choices, which include electrically powered tools, pneumatic proposals and interesting manual options. Campagnola invests huge resources every year in the research of technologically advanced solutions, which can support winemakers in their delicate task and contribute to the excellence of a quality-oriented production chain.

Our PROFESSIONAL line for the experts

The vineyard pruning shears of the PROFESSIONAL Line have been specifically designed for an intensive use and guarantee the operators involved in this essential intervention all the features necessary to minimize fatigue and to work easily.

The same excellent cutting capacity characterizes our STAR 30 and STAR 40 models. These pneumatic shears are perfect for large vineyards. STAR 30, with its double piston, is manufactured in two versions. One of them is fitted with specific blades for vineyard pruning. Its reduced handle diameter is the ideal solution for the operators with small hands. STAR 40, on the other hand, has been designed for large diameter cuts of all types of wood and stands out for its high reliability over time. and its light weight ensured by technopolymers with carbon fibers.

VICTORY is one of the pneumatic proposals manufactured by Campagnola for the most demanding professionals, since it has been designed to guarantee a perfect combination of handiness and power with an easy and quick maintenance.

GREEN line: high quality, even in the details

Since its foundation, Campagnola has been listening to the needs of the professional, semi-professional and amateur users of its products. In our GREEN Line there is a range of pruning shears, which is also suitable for a non-intensive use, even if it keeps the same efficiency and safety standards as the PROFESSIONAL Line models.

Our electric tools with plug-in battery have been designed and manufactured with a double purpose: to carry out effective and precise pruning operations also in small vineyards or orchards, but also to perform professional finishing pruning tasks.

Our SPEEDY electric shear is the top of its category in terms of weight and handiness and offers complete freedom of movement to the operators thanks to the absence of cables. With a blade opening of 25 mm, it guarantees an autonomy of a full working day thanks to the two lithium-ion plug-in batteries it is supplied with.

The same working autonomy also distinguishes our STARK M and STARK L models, equipped with powerful brushless motors and highly resistant steel blades. They perform rapid and precise cuts without leaving any burrs. While STARK M, which is perfect for vineyard pruning, has the best weight / power ratio in its class and cuts up to 32 mm in diameter, STARK L is the most powerful model of the GREEN Line electric pruning shears with plug-in battery and can prune branches with a diameter up to 37 mm.

Innovation at the service of your needs

In order to make vineyard pruning even easier and more practical, the double-click system has also been implemented on both STARK M and STARK L models. It allows the operator to vary from 70% to 100% the blade opening by means of just two quick clicks on the trigger.

To complete the high-performance range of the GREEN Line pruning tools, we have recently introduced our T-CAT M chain pruner. It can prune branches up to 8 cm in diameter and is proposed as a complementary tool for finishing pruning tasks. Therefore, it is suggested for both intensive operations in the vineyard and hobby tasks.

Now you know you can count on our large range of tools designed to guarantee comfort, power and excellent productivity for your pruning needs.

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