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PROFESSIONAL Line and GREEN Line: the two faces of Campagnola

The relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust and built over more than 60 years, are one of the achievements we are most proud of. One of our strategies to reach this precious goal is never to forget our primary mission: we want to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the end users of our products, listening to the market actively and seizing every new opportunity.

We have always been active and close to those who, every day, experience the world of agriculture firsthand and this has led us to collect an enormous amount of information, experiences, data, opinions and daily needs. This is a solid foundation on which to build a value offer, made up of products that can concretely respond to the needs of both professional and amateur operators.

We constantly refine our proposals, building them around needs that become more complex and articulated every day. Precisely to solve them, we have created two distinct product lines, which are identical in quality, but decidedly targeted as for functionality and features. The PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line by Campagnola divide our catalog into two macro-areas, but they are proposed as complementary and synergistic with each other.

The PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola

The professional line by Campagnola has been conceived, designed and manufactured with a precise focus on the needs of the most experienced users of the agricultural sector, who look for reliable and performing products for their harvesting and pruning operations, which can easily facer the biggest challenges.

The PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola includes electric, pneumatic and endothermic proposals, all characterized by a high degree of robustness, ergonomics and ease of use. These are essential features to accompany operators in long work sessions, making them as quick and comfortable as possible.

The range of professional solutions by Campagnola is made up of harvesters, hook shakers, shears and chain pruners, as well as extension poles, PTO and engine-driven compressors. There are also pruning hand tools and accessories such as nets and hose reels. The main feature of the PROFESSIONAL Line is the high quality, which, together with the Made in Italy brand, is a guarantee for excellent and long-lasting performance.

The GREEN Line BY Campagnola

The GREEN line has been designed to complement the PROFESSIONAL line and offers semi-professional and amateur users the opportunity to rely on the safety and efficiency of the Campagnola brand.

The GREEN Line includes a wide range of battery-operated tools, which are perfect for those who practice non-intensive pruning. To compose it there are, in fact, six models of shears – which are also available with extension pole – three chain pruners and a tying tool, all powered by plug-in lithium-ion batteries of the latest generation.

Thanks to the GREEN line it is, therefore, possible to prune in case of small orchards, olive groves, vineyards or ornamental plants, as well as to carry out professional finishing pruning tasks by means of tools with the well-known quality of Campagnola.

Similarities and differences: efficiency first

The two Campagnola lines, therefore, are intended for different operators, but they share many similarities: they are both the result of a know-how built in more than six decades through our internal and field tests, the participation in international trade fairs and conferences and the constant dialogue with operators, as well as with agents, Importers and dealers, who are fundamental points of reference in the area.

From these profitable relationships and the sincere desire to meet the needs of the operators, two successful lines were born, increasingly appreciated by both national and foreign customers.

We are not going to stop! The secret of our growth is the intense research and development work, which accompany the evolution of our company and of this dynamic sector.

Consult our catalogs now and find out everything about the PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line!

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