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Harvesters: everything you need to know

Olive harvesting is an operation to be carried out fitted with tools, which have been specifically designed and manufactured to facilitate the detachment of the fruit from the branch and optimize the results in any kind of olive grove.

Making the harvesting process faster and more efficient and minimizing the operator fatigue are the goals towards which agricultural research moves on. The use of cutting-edge technologies and increasingly specific materials allow the harvesting tools to achieve ever better performances. Olive harvesters, also called olive shakers, are essential tools in this context.

Campagnola has always stood out for its commitment to the design and manufacture of harvesting tools which can guarantee maximum satisfaction for both expert users and those who perform non-intensive interventions. But what exactly is an olive harvester used for and what are the advantages it offers to its users?

What is an olive harvester?

Olive harvesters are tools designed for being both respectful towards the plant and effective, obtained thanks to rapid oscillations, which cause the detachment and fall of the olives from the branches. These high-performance olive shakers are fitted with special teeth which, by vibrating, shake the branches of the tree and facilitate harvesting. The use of mechanical tools instead of manual ones allows a substantial saving of time and the achievement of excellent harvesting results.

Power, handiness and practicality are the main characteristics of these important allies, together with their versatility: thanks to the opportunity to be mounted on fixed or telescopic extension poles, the harvesters can, in fact, reach every part of the plant, also very high branches, very easily and without any risk due to the use of ladders.

There are some main features to consider when buying an olive harvester:

– weight

– dimensions

–  amount of oscillations guaranteed by the tool

– type of rake

– power source

All these factors also define the final price of an olive shaker

Obviously, the best solution is to find a tool characterized by excellent performance, low weight, small dimensions and great handiness. All this guarantees an important time saving.

Campagnola olive harvesters: shakers for every need

The Campagnola harvester lines are characterized by their cutting-edge technical solutions, as well as their versatile use and maximum yield with all types of olive groves. There are three main kinds of possibilities for power supplying our olive harvesters: pneumatic, electric and engine-driven ones.

Our Campagnola pneumatic harvesters require a PTO or an engine-driven compressor to be power supplied and have been designed to ensure reliability, high beating speed, excellent penetration into the foliage and great harvesting capacity. Generally chosen by those who manage large olive groves, compressed air olive shakers combine a very good handiness with an excellent harvesting performance, even in the case of olives which are resistant to the detachment from the branch.

Solidity, durability and power also characterize the engine-driven harvesters, powered by internal combustion engines and designed with a specific focus on those who want maximum movement freedom. Without any cables on the ground and any need to be connected to compressors, the endothermic olive shakers are perfect for easily moving among the branches, with an excellent weight-to-power ratio.

The electric harvesters complete this tool range. The wide selection of Campagnola electric harvesters includes both olive shakers powered, by lead 80/90 Ah car batteries, thanks to special cables and converters, and models fitted with batteries carried in the backpack, power supplied by lithium-ion technology. More environmentally friendly than the engine-driven and pneumatic versions, electric olive shakers are the right choice when the need is to work with easily transportable tools.

Well balanced, compact, vibration free and fitted with interchangeable, highly resistant teeth: all Campagnola harvesters are the result of the long-lasting experience of a company which never stops aiming at excellence and considers research and innovation as an unmissable opportunity to improve the relationship between man and nature.

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