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EIMA International: that’s why you shall not miss it

EIMA International is the International Exhibition of Agricultural and Gardening Machinery, one of the most prestigious events in the sector, which brings together manufacturers from every continent, proposing the most advanced technologies in the agricultural sector.

Campagnola is proud of being among the players in this constantly evolving universe and able to represent innovation by offering its novelties to the market in the context of this important exhibition.

Why shall you come to EIMA?

EIMA has been held every two years since 1969, organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with Bologna Fiere. The 44th edition suffered a great delay due to the health emergency, but, after three years of forced stop, the fair will finally reopen its doors from the 19th to the 23rd of October 2021, at the Bologna Exhibition Center. It will be an exciting opportunity for us to meet again professional as well as amateur operators, importers, agents, dealers and partners: a direct and indispensable contact according to our vision, which we have been missing.

The event involves 14 product sectors and specialized exhibitions – such as EIMA Components, EIMA Idrotech, EIMA Green, EIMA Digital and EIMA Energy – with the participation of a heterogeneous audience of both experienced professionals and amateur users. More than 50,000 agricultural equipment, machinery and vehicles are presented at the exhibitors’ booths, and Campagnola gives a significant contribution with its products for facilitated pruning and harvesting.

The two main ranges of the products, the PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line, offer adequate answers to both those who practice intensive harvesting and pruning and those who do not have many trees and work in a semi-professional or amateur way. EIMA is a unique opportunity to discover the particularities of the two lines by Campagnola and to meet our Service and R&D technicians, constantly committed to the development of the sector with concrete solutions.

EIMA: discover the ranges by Campagnola

Our range of proposals is directed to those who manage olive groves, vineyards and orchards, but also to those who take care of ornamental plants or public greenery. You can find all our products in our rich catalog, which offers a solution for every specific need.

For the operators who want to perform effective and precise pruning, we have created a wide range of professional chain pruners, in both the electric and the pneumatic version. The users of the products by Campagnola can count on the precise and clean cuts of our Kronos 58 electric chain pruner, or on the power and speed of our LASER pneumatic chain pruner, both part of the PROFESSIONAL Line. But also among the proposals of the GREEN line there are interesting opportunities to make pruning fast, safe and incredibly efficient, thanks, for example, to electric chain pruners powered by the latest generation lithium-ion batteries.

In addition to T-Fox, which is an excellent tool for pruning orchards and ornamental plants, and T-Rex, for pruning vineyard, one of our novelties to be discovered at EIMA is undoubtedly T-Cat, the new electric chain pruner powered by a plug-in battery and specially designed for finishing pruning, which often, especially in the vineyard, involves branches with such a diameter that they cannot be cut by means of a shear.

For precise and clean pruning operations, the best solution is to use chain pruners in synergy with shears, such as COBRA PRO, an electric model of the PROFESSIONAL Line, which is extremely handy and characterized by a great cutting capacity. It has been designed for vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants, or Star 30, a pneumatic shear also produced in a specific version for vineyard.

At the EIMA exhibition Campagnola will also show its GREEN Line electric shears with plug-in battery, such as Stark M and Stark L, which, in addition to their capacity to carry out excellent cuts of any type of wood, are now proposed with the double click system for varying the blade opening from 70% to 100% just quickly pulling the trigger twice.

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