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Professional olive harvesters: a combination of power and sturdiness

From manual harvesting in the olive grove to modern, facilitated interventions, a lot has changed: olive harvesters were born precisely to make this seasonal process more efficient and to provide growers with a simple and productive method, which facilitates the detachment of the olives from the branches and optimizes the harvesting times.

The modern tools make the field tasks much more efficient, but also more comfortable and sustainable in terms of time and physical effort of the operators. The olives fall from the branches through the oscillations of their teeth, which do not damage the olive tree.

Campagnola has been designing and manufacturing olive harvesters for decades, offering electric, engine-driven and pneumatic models to the market with the same focus: providing olive growers with tools of excellent quality and reliability and a long life span.

Icarus and Hercules are among the tools of our brand which are most appreciated by the professional operators. They are powerful and robust electric harvesters of the PROFESSIONAL Line, used by both Italian and international customers.

Olive harvesters: the proposal by Campagnola

The electric harvesters included in our PROFESSIONAL Line are the perfect compromise for those who want to work in the olive grove with practical, handy, easily transportable equipment, which is not powered by a compressors or an internal combustion engine.

Icarus 58 and Hercules 58 are part of the top models of the battery-powered olive harvester line and are characterized by a very comfortable use and a decidedly high olive harvesting capacity.

Both models can be effectively used to carry out intensive harvesting interventions and are particularly suitable for those who work on large, dense foliage olive trees. For this reason, they are usually chosen by professional users for any type of olive grove.

The excellent penetration of Icarus 58 and Hercules 58 is ensured by their long interchangeable carbon teeth, which move smoothly among the branches. The difference between these two models is the movement of their teeth, which is opposed and horizontal in the case of Icarus 58, elliptical in the case of Hercules 58.

The over 60 years of experience connected to the Campagnola brand are therefore not only reflected in the design and details of our harvesting tools, but also in their functionality- We have always been inspired by the experiences we have collected from the end users of our products.

Furthermore, both Icarus 58 and Hercules 58 are fitted with the powerful Power 58 brushless motor – which offers extremely satisfactory performances and requires little or no maintenance – as well as a practical speed selector, which gives the opportunity to work. at 1080, 1150 or 1180 strokes per minute.

Both models are also fitted with an electronic power saver, which automatically accelerates the speed of the rakes in the work phase and slows it down when the teeth do not touch the branches, thus reducing the battery consumption. An electronic board drives the motor and controls the safety devices of the tools.

Balanced weight and ergonomics: power and comfort of use

The know-how of Campagnola emerges not only in the technical details of the olive harvesters, but also in the great attention to the operator’s well-being. Both Icarus 58 and Hercules 58 are, in fact, extremely lightweight, practical and free from vibrations. Their weight is low and well distributed in the tool also thanks to the motor position at the bottom of the extension pole, instead of in the harvesting head.

Even more versatility is offered to these two harvesters by their telescopic or fixed poles, made of aluminum or carbon. The various versions from 45 to 270 cm allow the operators to easily reach even the highest branches.

Thanks to the combination of these elements, the olive growers can work for hours without excessive physical effort, this way avoiding back or arm pains. An interesting plus is the double possibility of power supply: either by means of a lithium-ion battery inserted in an ergonomic backpack, or of a common car battery.

Our PROFESSIONAL Line olive harvesters: two versions for two power supply possibilities.

Both Hercules and Icarus have two models, which differ in the type of power supply: in the 58 version through an innovative Li-Ion 170 or Li-Ion 700 lithium- ion battery, inserted in a comfortable backpack made of breathable fabric, or in the ECO version through a common 12 V – 80/90 Ah lead-acid battery for cars, to which they are connected thanks to an electric cable and a converter.

The great power of the motor, as well as the low weight and the excellent speed of the rakes characterize these harvesters. Therefore, they are proposed both in the 58 and in the ECO version as workmates of excellent quality and extreme reliability even for the most demanding users.

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