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Which Campagnola products can be used for orchard pruning? Let’s discover T-Rex and Stark L

Campagnola offers its customers a specific line dedicated to non-intensive pruning in the field of horticulture, viticulture, fruit growing and similar.
We are talking about the GREEN LINE, recently updated with some new products for pruning in orchards and vineyards, presented for the first time at the EIMA Digital Preview. Let’s deepen our knowledge about the Stark L shear and the T-Rex chain pruner.

Within the GREEN LINE, focusing on pruning shears, an interesting product is undoubtedly Stark L.
Stark L is a recently introduced orchard pruning tool. With its 37 mm opening it is the Campagnola electric pruning shears with plug-in battery with the greatest cutting capacity and compatible with a cable, patented by Campagnola, which allows the operator to work with the battery in a belt holster.

It has multiple opening modes that are shown by means of a digital display, which also indicates many details such as the amount of cuts carried out and the remaining charge level.

All the GREEN LINE electric shears are characterized by an automatic stop cutting system. This means that when the branch is too large for their cutting capacity, they immediately reopen the blades preventing them from getting stuck in the wood.

Lightweight and comfortable to use, they represent a cutting-edge choice for any operator looking for orchard pruning products that can reduce his working time and fatigue.

T-Rex is a compact electric chain pruner, one of the best products for pruning in orchards, but also in vineyards.

Do not be fooled by the small size and very low weight, because this tool has a great cutting capacity, guaranteed in any conditions of use by the powerful 470 W brushless motor.

The comfortable plug-in battery allows you to work easily and make fast and precise cuts.
The reliability and safety offered by this product for pruning in orchards and vineyards are guaranteed by the manual lubrication device, which favors an adequate smoothness of the chain movement, as well as by the non-slip handle with safety switch, combined with a protection from any kickback.

In addition, it is possible to use the same accessory that can be combined with Stark L, and consisting of a cable, patented by Campagnola, with holster to place the battery on the belt: a user-friendly and practical option especially for prolonged activities, which makes the tool even lighter.

Finally, being Stark L and T-Rex fitted with the same battery, this can be shared between the two products when pruning in the orchard or when carrying out other activities that require the use of both types of tools.

These Campagnola products, therefore, represent two solutions for pruning in orchards whichh adequately respond to the operators’ needs, proving to be extremely manageable, but without compromising the working yield.

Contact us for more information on our products and to receive directly from our qualified staff clarifications, technical advice or answers to any doubts.

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