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2020 pruning season: Campagnola’s new products

In the occasion of EIMA Digital Preview (EDP), online from the 11th to the 15th of November 2020, Campagnola launched its latest novelties, which are now part of its wide and varied range of products.
The first is Kronos 58, the electric pruner of the PROFESSIONAL LINE, manufactured for a highly professional use.
Powerful, fast and multitasking, designed to carry out quick and precise cuts, Kronos 58 can be connected to 3 different-sized extension poles and is suitable for pruning orchards and ornamental plants.
Powered by the Li-Ion 700 battery, it guarantees around 600 cuts, that is to say nearly a full working day.

But what are the advantages of this electric pruner?
Surely the excellent balance of its weight distribution: the motor is, in fact, positioned in the lower part of the pole, this way ensuring an extremely comfortable handling and limiting the operator’s fatigue during use.
Another strength point is its power, guaranteed by the 1200 W brushless motor, which allows rapid cutting of branches up to 10-15 cm in diameter.
Further elements to make its use so comfortable are its lightness, silence and absence of vibration, as well as the automatic lubrication of the chain, thanks to a transparent oil reservoir.
The Kronos 58 electric pruner is extremely simple to use: the correct pressure on the branch is indicated by a double-tone LED light, becoming green if the pressure is correct, red if it is excessive.
Another novelty of this product is the electronic protection against any motor overload.

EIMA Digital Preview (EDP) was the launching stage for two more products belonging to the GREEN LINE: the T-Rex and T-Fox chain pruners, characterized by a plug-in battery, inserted in the tool body.
So, let’s analyze the new T-Rex, a real powerhouse in small dimensions, with a high cutting capacity that makes it ideal for pruning orchards, vineyards and ornamental plants.
One of its main advantages is its lightness: T-Rex is, in fact, characterized by a low and well- balanced weight. However, this does not compromise its power at all, as it is capable of making quick and precise cuts.
In short, it is a multipurpose product, with a double power supply option: with plug-in battery or with cable (patented by Campagnola) and battery on the belt.
The performances are excellent also thanks to the manual chain lubrication, ensuring its smoothness on the bar.

Now let’s introduce T-Fox, which ensures great power at your fingertips, as it achieves a high cutting speed of 11 m / sec, despite its small size.
This new electric pruner is ideal for fruit trees and ornamental plants.
Its main advantage is given by the freedom of movement – thanks to the low weight and the plug-in battery -, which is combined with the considerable power of the product, granting quick and precise cuts.
T-Fox, like T-Rex, has a double power supply option: with plug-in battery or with cable (patented by Campagnola) and battery on the belt.
T-Fox is fitted with a transparent oil reservoir, for the automatic chain lubrication, and a multifunction LCD display, which allows you to see the percentage of the battery charge and the quantity of working hours.

To complete the GREEN LINE, on the occasion of EIMA Digital Preview (EDP) Campagnola also launched the new Nexi tying tool: a concentrate of technology, which guarantees tying speed and precision in vineyard, as well as in horticulture and floriculture.
The built-in battery gives the operator total freedom of movement.
Among its advantages it is worth mentioning the maxi-coil for the use of standard or bio-photodegradable twist tie (110 m = 810 tying operations) or paper twist tie (130 m = 960 tying operations).
The Nexi tying tool is multipurpose, as it allows you to select up to 6 tying modes, and extremely fast, as it performs up to 80 tying operations per minute.
It is also characterized by a low weight and the innovative possibility of being used with either a plug-in battery or with cable (patented by Campagnola) and battery on the belt. In the latter option, the weight of the tying tool is reduced to just 780 grams.
For further technical or commercial information, contact us now: we will be happy to answer your questions or show you the Campagnola dealer of your area.

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