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User-friendly pruning in vineyard: Stark M, T-Rex and Nexi take the field

A Campagnola tool that is enjoying great success for its excellent pruning results is the Stark M electric pruning shear with plug-In battery, but … attention: there are important news in this field! New products for pruning in vineyard have been enriching the Campagnola catalog since December 2020, following the online preview presentation at the EIMA Digital Preview (EDP). Among these we have two products that complete the GREEN LINE: the technological Nexi tying tool and the T-Rex chain pruner, both fitted with a plug-in battery.

Stark M is an electric shear with plug-in battery for vineyard pruning, aimed at obtaining the best possible weight / power ratio in its category. The brushless motor allows the operator to make cuts up to 32 mm in diameter in a clear and precise way thanks to its high-strength steel blades.

Stark M is also equipped with a display that shows the amount of cuts carried out and the remaining charge level.

Its plug-in battery can be connected to a cable (patented by Campagnola) and put into a belt holster. Furthermore, there is a new GREEN LINE product which, like Stark M, will undoubtedly be of interest to lovers of practicality and ease of use: Nexi. Nexi is the cutting-edge Campagnola tying tool with plug-in battery, which guarantees high standards of tying speed and precision.

It can be used with standard, organic or paper tie and offers 6 tying modes, which can be selected according to the type of use, reaching a speed of 80 operations per minute.

The plug-in battery, synonymous with total freedom and ease of use for the operator, can be disassembled and, thanks to a cable (patented by Campagnola), connected to the tool and put Into a  belt holster. This way the tying tool weight is reduced to just 780 grams.

The same accessory can be used for Stark M, which is supplied with a kit consisting of 2 batteries of 2.5 Ah, a triple output charger and a carrying case.

If pruning operations must be carried out on thicker branches, a product with a greater cutting capacity is needed, and the brand new T-Rex is the best-suited answer to the operator’s needs.

It is an excellent electric chain pruner for vineyard, orchard as well as ornamental plants pruning.

For vineyard pruning the GREEN LINE by Campagnola guarantees excellent results by putting practicality of use and comfort for the operator first and giving an adequate response to your needs.

Contact us for more information on our products and to receive directly from our qualified staff clarifications, technical advice or answers to any doubts.

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