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The 65th anniversary of Campagnola: a story made up of people, values and commitment

The first 65 years of business of Campagnola witness the power of perseverance and dedication. Since 1958 we have been going through decades of changes, technological challenges and deep transformations of our sector, which we have been able to overcome brilliantly thanks to a sincere passion for our work and a shared vision.

Our reputation is built on quality, reliability and attention to our customers. We are happy to celebrate 65 years of activity, proud to be a point of reference in our sector and aware of the responsibilities that this entails towards all the loyal users of our products.


Our first 65 years of success

In 1958 Campagnola was from a brilliant intuition of Mr Vittorio Ferretti, our founder, and of his beloved wife, Mrs Graziella. Their intuitions were immediately reflected on the market. The professionals appreciated the technological innovation of the first shears and, a few years later, of the first chain pruners. In the following years, the excellent ideas of the technicians of Campagnola led the brand to establish itself as a leader at first in the sector of facilitated pruning and then of harvesting, too. Zola Predosa became the official basis for its constant growth.

Finding new solutions, new objectives and new territories for expansion is the directive that still drives the evolution of the company. Campagnola immediately aimed at anticipating the needs of its sector, rather than simply meeting them. In addition to creating a widespread sales and assistance network throughout Europe, in 2000 the company management opened a new door towards ever more ambitious goals: it founded Campagnola Iberica de Suministros Agrícolas, to respond to the specific requests of the Iberian Peninsula as well as of the countries of Central and South America.

In the following years numerous of our proposals literally revolutionized our sectors, in terms of performance, technology, productivity and manageability. The PROFESSIONAL Line and GREEN Line (the latter born in 2019) began to include a wide range of pneumatic, motor and electric tools, on aal of which the company investments are constantly channeled.

Today we are particularly proud of having become representatives of a Made in Italy know-how including craftsmanship, inventiveness and a continuous commitment to quality.


Our commitment to teamwork

Undoubtedly, the difference for Campagnola has been made by its most precious resources, namely its people. If we have managed to establish ourselves on the international market it has been thanks to the contribution of our internal collaborators, but also of our agents, dealers and importers as well as, above all, of the end users of our products and their desire to innovate their performance,

It is with all of them that we wish to ideally celebrate, to share a fundamental moment, strengthen the sense of belonging to our historic team and continue to look together towards a sustainable and prosperous future..

We committed ourselves yesterday and are committed today to imagining what tomorrow will be essential to make easier and more productive the work of professionals and all end users of our products.

To all of them, as well as to you, we want to send our most sincere thanks.

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