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Starberry MD1, the revolutionary electric hook shaker for blueberry harvesting. Patent pending, manufactured by Campagnola.










Today we wish to introduce Starberry MD1, the new Campagnola product presented this year for the first time, unique in its sector. This is an innovative electric hook shaker that revolutionizes the world of blueberry harvesting, while preserving the berry quality. Thanks to Starberry MD1, in fact, the operator does no longer have to carry out this task manually. He just needs to bring the hook shaker close to the plant to detach blueberries in a simple and much faster way.

Thanks to Starberry MD1 there is a concrete solution to three problems that characterize the manual harvesting of this precious berry:

– the blueberries do no longer fall to the ground

the harvesting operations are speeded up

– the berries keep their integrity, since they are not touched by the operator’s hands


The features of Starberry MD1


Moving on to the more technical aspects, the new electric hook shaker has a modular vibrating frequency controller – from 900 to 2200 strokes per minute – with “touch” technology and with post-switch-on- and-switch-off memory. This feature allows to vary the vibration speed in order to achieve an excellent and selective blueberry harvesting, according to the ripening stage. Furthermore, the hook shaker has an ergonomic hand grip with short-stroke trigger.

The unit includes:

  • Lithium battery
  • Ergonomic backpack made of breathable fabric
  • Battery charger
  • Carrying case
  • Adjustable hook
  • Carbon pole


The advantages of Starberry MD1


Let’s start with its effectiveness: Starberry MD1 allows to harvest a quantity of berries which is the triple of the one obtained manually.

Savings: The new electric hook shaker guarantees excellent harvesting times and a reduction of labour time by one third compared to manual harvesting.

Comfortable handling: Starberry MD1 is easy and practical to use thanks to its ergonomic shape, specifically designed to facilitate the mechanized berry harvesting without tiring the operator.

Lightness: Thanks to the presence of carbon-based polymers, the electric hook shaker has a very low weight.

Quality guarantee: Starberry MD1 guarantees the quality of the final product, confirming itself as a valid and effective work tool, which facilitates operations, reduces the harvesting time and ensures the integrity of the berries. As a result, it facilitates the work of the operators, avoiding any waste that turns out to be an economic damage for the farms.

If you want to receive more information about our product range, you can either call – 0039/051753500 – or write us at We are always at your disposal!

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