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Campagnola presents the new electric shears of the Green Line: Speedy, Stark M and Stark L

The recent entry in the market of the three new Campagnola products – Speedy, Stark M and Stark L – has extended our Green Line, which is dedicated to semi-professional users. Specifically, these shears – for facilitated pruning – have a very lightweight plug-in battery, which allows you to work without any cable, offering great movement freedom, dexterity and functionality while pruning. Thanks to this system, the shears are much more practical to use and make the different operations easier and pruning less tiring for the operator.


The other advantages of Speedy, Stark M and Stark L

Another important advantage that should not be underestimated is the battery structure, which is lightweight and not bulky. The tool is also supplied with two lithium ion batteries. The battery charger can charge up to three batteries simultaneously.

As for the operational aspects, the electric shears are characterized by an automatic cut-off system. This means that when a branch has a large diameter, the shear immediately reopens the blades in order not to get stuck in the wood, so the operator can easily free them from the branch, without too much effort.

The three new Green Line shears have been designed to be able to perform any type of pruning: vineyards, orchards, citrus orchards, olive groves, ornamental plants or evergreens.

They are fitted with different blade opening modes, which are shown on the digital display, and a blade self-lubricating system. The shears can carry out about 80 cuts per minute.

Extremely light and manageable to use, these innovative electric shears reduce worktimes by hours and, consequently, user’s fatigue.

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