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Which electric shears you should choose for your work

Electric shears are fundamental pruning tools both for gardening enthusiasts and for professional pruners, since it is necessary to be able to count on a reliable product for cutting flowers as well as for pruning trees, which makes precise and clean cuts with minimum operator’s fatigue. For a long time, manual and pneumatic shears dominated the market. However, at this time end users mostly choose electric shears to get their jobs done. Battery technology continues to evolve, and, due to the wide variety of pruning tools on the market, it is often difficult to choose the best electric shears to meet the needs of the single operator. In this article we will provide you with useful information to make the best choice.


Why choose electric shears

The most interesting aspect of electric shears is that they cut branches of considerable diameter, making powerful and clean cuts, while requiring the operator just a minimal effort. Of course, the first thing to consider when buying electric shears is quality: high quality guarantees a longer lifespan and better results. Security is another relevant factor. It is, therefore, important to check that the tool is equipped with all the necessary safety devices. Weight, dimensions and ergonomics are important elements, because a light, handy and small shear allows the operator to work and move very easily.

In addition, pruning branches higher than one’s waist can strain the muscles of one’s arms and shoulders. Therefore, it is fundamental to choose a compact and lightweight tool, which can be used for a long time even on high branches, but minimizing user’s fatigue.

Cutting capacity is another factor to consider based on the need to cut thin or also thick branches. When buying an electric pruning shear, you shall not forget to evaluate the capacity of the battery, especially if it is in the plugged-In version, as it determines the amount of cuts per single charge. A powerful battery allows the operator to perform as many cuts as possible. In addition, a short recharging time is another Interesting factor.

Campagnola electric shears

In a recent article we talked about six useful tips to choose the pruning shear that best suits your needs. Whatever your need, as a professional or as an enthusiastic user, we have the perfect shears for you! If you are a professional, the Professional Line is the one for you. With this line of both electric and pneumatic shears Campagnola can satisfy all your needs. Campagnola also offers the Green Line, which includes various models of electric shears, some with a plugged-In battery (Line 24), others with a backpack battery (Line 44).


It is, therefore, clear that Campagnola has an adequate response to each specific use. Please contact us for more information and to find the perfect Campagnola electric shears for your tasks.


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