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How can you choose a pruning shear?

Together with chain pruners, loppers and saws, shears are part of the necessary equipment of anyone approaching cutting operations. Nowadays they are equipped with increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Indispensable during every pruning season, quality shears ensure the operator the possibility of carrying out precise cuts on any type of branch, while guaranteeing maximum comfort and productive work sessions.

The selection of the most suitable shear for one’s needs is not as simple as it may seem, because there are many characteristics to evaluate. Let’s find out the main ones!

The factors to consider when choosing your pruning shears

Blades, ergonomics, feeding system, context of use, weight, safety: there are numerous factors to be evaluated, when choosing the right shears for one’s needs.

The blades

The blades are among the first features to analyze when you are about to buy a pruning shear. Obviously, it is very important that they are robust and well sharpened, so that they can carry out precise cuts. Avoiding burrs and imperfections is, in fact, fundamental to protect the plant health and carry out qualitatively perfect operations.

The shears by Campagnola are fitted with high-strength forged steel blades. They are robust and reliable and have a long lifespan, even when withstanding an intensive use.

Furthermore, there are various cutting systems: continuous cut, double-cut and anvil-cut.

The type of power supply

In addition to the traditional manual pruning shears, there are numerous mechanically operated models on the market, which facilitate the work of the operators and allow them to minimize fatigue and maximize performance. Among the most popular ones there are the pneumatic shears for pruning, operated by PTO or engine-driven compressors. Mainly for intensive use, these shears ensure the operator a clear saving of time and an excellent cutting power.

There are numerous models of pneumatic shears in the product lines of Campagnola, but in recent years the work of our Research & Development department has focused on optimizing electric shears, also powered by plug-in batteries. These tools guarantee “greener” operations, since they rely on renewable energy sources and the most advanced lithium-ion technologies.

The main advantage of electric pruning shears is practicality: using comfortable backpack batteries or powerful plug-in batteries, the operator can move more freely among the branches, thanks to the absence of bulky compressors to be moved around. The long working autonomy, the loading speed and the interchangeability of the batteries allow the electric shears to reach excellent performances.

The recommended context of use

Many pruning shears have been designed for a universal use, but some meet the needs of specific categories of operators. For example, some shears are fitted with blades which have been specifically designed for pruning vineyards, others for olive or fruit trees, ornamental plants or domestic greenery. The commitment of those involved in the design and production of pruning tools focuses on the search for ever more performing and targeted models and technologies.

The handle and the ergonomics

Pruning operations often require long hours of work to be completed, with a considerable physical effort of the operator. Inevitably, therefore, the  shears must be characterized by features to improve comfort and minimize the stress on the operator’s  hands and limbs.

When choosing your pruning shears, make sure they have a handle that fits the shape of your hands, so that you can hold them effortlessly and make numerous consecutive cuts without excessively straining your muscles, tendons and joints.

Studies about shear ergonomics and handling also focus on the materials of the handles, because it is important that tool never slips from the operator’s grip. Furthermore, some technological systems allow a more practical use of the tool. For example, the trigger fitted with the “double click” system of some of our shears, patented by Campagnola, allows a quick change of the blade opening from 70% to 100% % and vice versa and makes each work session much more comfortable and faster.


In addition to the size and shape of the handle, the total weight of the tool must undoubtedly be carefully evaluated. A low weight reduces the operator’s fatigue, even in the case of intensive interventions. The shear body made of technopolymer or  technopolymer with carbon fibers allows to obtain lightweight and practical tools for daily use.

Holding a shear characterized by a low weight means less stress on one’s limbs and back. Even the batteries have been designed to keep the overall weight of the tool low and place as little burden on the user’s body as possible.

The safety systems

The pruning shears supplied by the best-known and reliable brands are fitted with effective safety systems that aim at protecting both the health of the operator as well as of the plants and the integrity of any supporting poles.

The shears are fitted with a safety system which ensures that the blades do not open accidentally, when the tool is switched on, unless after a very rapid double pressure (within one second) on the trigger, the same as when it is switched off.

Furthermore, in some of the plug-in electric shears of Campagnola there is also a specific anti-cut system to protect the vine wire.

Also, the possibility of connecting the tools to fixed or telescopic extension poles is a plus which makes the work of the operators safer. In fact, it allows them to cut high branches without using any ladders, which can cause accidents

Finally, when you want to be sure you are buying a valid and durable pruning shear, check that its ordinary maintenance is simple and that the brand you have chosen has a network of sales and assistance points that can provide you with professional support in case of breakdowns or extraordinary maintenance operations.

If you want to buy a shear, do you need any personalized advice? Please contact the Campagnola dealer who is closest to you!

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