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Support I Bambini delle Fate (The Children of the Fairies)

The core of the activity of a company that wishes to operate responsibly and looking at the future is undoubtedly sustainability. Doing business in a sustainable way is a complex concept, which can be well summarized in the famous definition contained in the Brundtland Report of 1987, drawn up by the World Commission on the Environment and Development: “Sustainable development satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the next generations to do the same”.

The philosophy that guides this way of doing business is based on three key principles, namely that of economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

Last but not least, there is the human factor, which for an entrepreneur should refer not only to the workers of his company. In fact, the commitment to the recognition of social equality also of ‘disabled’ people is fundamental.

Social sustainability and the commitment of Campagnola

From our point of view, a “sound” business management should also open up to investments in social projects, which do not aim at immediate economic returns, but at solidarity. For us, guaranteeing a sustainable growth for our company also means actively supporting valid initiatives, aimed at promoting integration, inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

From this challenge arose the intention to support I Bambini delle Fate, an association which, since 2005, has been dealing with social inclusion and is committed to making it concrete with clear strategies.

Who are I Bambini delle Fate (The children of the Fairies)?

I Bambini delle Fate is a social enterprise of Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), which deals with managing inclusion projects for disabled people and their families. Its mission is to enhance the potential of children, young people and adults who experience these challenges, involving them in stimulating activities, but also promoting their integration, which wants to be as autonomous as possible, into the social fabric.

The promotion of the initiatives is supported by fundraising, which can guarantee useful flows for continuously carrying out services to children and their families, provided by foundations, associations, cooperatives and non-profit organizations.

Among the main sponsors of the Children of the Fairies there are numerous companies. Campagnola is one of the brands that not only help them economically, but also promote the visibility of the, in order to allow more and more people to get to know them and access their services. or donate.

Campagnola for The Children of the Fairies

We want to make a decisive contribution so that the name Campagnola does not mean only the design and manufacture of harvesting and pruning equipment, but also effective support for the social network. We are proud of supporting I Bambini delle Fate and we would be happy to share every detail with you, should you be interested in learning more!

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