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Electric tools for pruning: advantages and models by Campagnola

In order to perform pruning operations correctly, each operator should have two essential elements at his disposal: the right skills, which allow him to know the most suitable techniques to be applied in each context, and the right tools, which guarantee high quality performance and shorter working times.

These are the results that Campagnola has been committed to for more than six decades, studying and manufacturing products which integrate the highest technological standards in the sector and are designed according to the needs of those who operate in the agricultural sector for passion. or profession.

It is by following the current trends that we have decided to invest in the development and improvement of our battery-powered tools, increasingly requested and appreciated by international users: a success that is undoubtedly deserved, considering the potential and the advantages of this type of products, which meet the needs of a professional, as well as semi-professional and amateur clientele.

Why should one choose electric pruning tools?

Among the first pluses offered by the battery-powered chain pruners and shears by Campagnola there are undoubtedly their lightness compared to the equivalent pneumatic or motorized tools, as well as their extreme handiness. With very compact shapes and low weight, the electric pruning tools also offer great freedom of movement: the absence of cables and compressors allows the operators to move around freely, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The success of electric pruning tools is also due to the advanced technology of the lithium-ion batteries powering them. These are more and more performing and powerful, but also capable of offering a much longer working autonomy than in the past.

Battery power also provides a green choice to the operators looking for tools which are more sustainable, both in terms of environment and of human health: thanks to the total absence of emissions, electric shears and chain pruners favor full respect for the personal well-being and the delicate ecological balance.

According to the search for working methods that safeguard the operators’ health, the levels of vibration of battery-operated tools are also significantly lower than those of motorized or pneumatic models. Minimizing hand-arm vibrations significantly reduces health problems that could arise in the long term.

Very interesting is also the silence of these tools, which guarantees more pleasant work sessions, as well as easy communication in the case of team interventions.

Another of the objectives of our electric tools is to achieve the highest levels of ergonomics of the handles and balance in the distribution of weight, obtained thanks to solutions which ensure an increase in productivity and a reduction of physical efforts.

Finally, in terms of economic convenience, electric tools are now able to guarantee a performance which is similar to those of the motorized or pneumatic versions, while the initial investments can be quickly recovered thanks to their power source, but also to the low need for maintenance and to their robustness.

The electric range by Campagnola: shears and chain pruners for every need

The electric tools for pruning designed and proposed by Campagnola in its catalog are divided into two macro-categories: the PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line.

The products of the PROFESSIONAL Line have been designed to meet the expectations of those who work in a professional way and need powerful and resistant tools to face intensive pruning operations. To power the electric proposals by Campagnola for professional pruning are the efficient Li-Ion 170 or 700 batteries: compact and ultra-flat, they stand out for their low weight (1.2 kg for Li-Ion 170 and 3.7 kg for Li-Ion 700) and for an excellent work autonomy. Each model can power different tools of the PROFESSIONAL Line, also for harvesting, with obvious advantages in terms of practicality. They are inserted in special ergonomic backpacks made of breathable fabrics, which allow the operator to move easily and protect his lumbar area.

The protagonists of the Campagnola line for professional electric pruning are KRONOS 58 chain pruner and COBRA PRO shear. The former has been designed to make quick and clean cuts on any type of plant, with branches up to 10/15 cm in diameter, taking advantage of the 6 speeds of its chain and of its compatibility with fixed extension poles of 130, 190 or 230 cm. COBRA PRO is a compact and extremely powerful shear: its technopolymer body with carbon fibers makes it very light and its resistant forged steel blades allow it to perform quick pruning operations in vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants.

The proposals of the GREEN Line

The electric range of the GREEN Line is complementary to the PROFESSIONAL Line and has been designed to provide compact and high-performance tools to all those who prune at a hobby or semi-professional level. Powering this wide range of products are strong, lightweight and interchangeable plug-in lithium-ion batteries, designed to offer high autonomy to operators and to be used on various tools of this line.

T-CAT has recently joined the electric chain pruners T-REX and T-FOX. While T-REX offers excellent performance on cutting diameters up to 10 cm and is ideal for orchards, vineyards and ornamental plants, T-FOX features an extraordinary cutting speed of up to 11 m / sec and is suitable for branches of fruit trees and ornamental plants. T-CAT is an indispensable ally for all those who want a light and powerful tool to perform finishing pruning operations on branches up to 8 cm in diameter.

SPEEDY is the most manageable and lightest of the electric pruning shears by Campagnola with plug-in battery and can cut branches up to 25 mm in diameter. It is the ideal partner for horticulture and viticulture.

STARK M has an excellent weight / power ratio and can cut branches of 32 mm in diameter, making it perfect for olive trees, vineyards or fruit trees, while STARK L is the most powerful shear of the GREEN Line and can cut branches up to 37 mm in diameter.

Put it to the test with olive and citrus trees and ornamental plant!

STARK is also available in the version with extension pole, designed to easily operate from the ground. It is offered in three lengths, namely 90, 160 and 220 cm.

To complete the characteristics of great interest of the electric shears of the GREEN Line by Campagnola there is their considerable autonomy, as they are supplied with two lithium-ion batteries, which guarantee a whole day’s work.

The trigger with the double-click system, a quick-change function of the blade opening from 100% to 70%, applied on STARK L and M, is part of our constant research and innovation path and offers an additional technology aimed at maximizing performance and minimizing efforts.

A concrete answer for your needs

We are often asked what the difference between the PROFESSIONAL Line and the GREEN Line is. Beyond the specific operators to whom they are addressed and the peculiar features of the two product lines, we always love to emphasize what they have in common. High quality, efficacy, performance and safety have been the goals of Campagnola since 1958.

Our commitment to innovation is guided above all by the desire to provide operators with a specific and tailor-made solution, which responds promptly to the concrete needs that arise in the field every day.

Enter the Campagnola world and discover our product lines!

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