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Double click: how to reduce pruning times thanks to the patent pending system by Campagnola

Electric pruning shears are one of the essential work tools for performing all types of pruning efficiently and with minimal physical effort. The plug-in battery-powered shears of the GREEN Line of Campagnola have been designed to meet the handling needs of the operators, while maintaining high cutting power.

Among the most popular features of this type of tools there is their versatility, that is to say the ability to carry out precise cuts without any burrs on any type of plant. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of making the flexibility of use of our cordless electric shears even higher, by equipping them with our patent pending system: the trigger with a quick change function for the blade opening.

Here’s what it is, how it works and what benefits it can offer you.

Speed is essential in pruning

Carrying out pruning often means cutting branches with different diameter and hardness. The electric shears should, therefore, offer systems which allow the end user to change the opening of the blades according to the branch diameter.

Various models on the market allow the operator to bring the blade opening from 100% to different percentages (such as 85 or 70%) by acting on the tool settings, generally by means of special buttons or by activating the trigger. In any case, however, it is necessary to wait for a long while before the electric shear is ready for use again with the different setting.

This waiting time, although it is apparently short, significantly affects the productivity and speed of the operator, while the patent pending “double click” pruning system by Campagnola aims at solving the problem thanks to the most advanced software and construction technologies.

The solution by Campagnola: the “double click” patent pending system

The quick change of the blade opening is a patent pending system that aims at making pruning interventions more and more efficient even when carried out in a non-intensive way. Added to the pluses of our STARK M and STARK L plug-in battery electric shears in 2021, the “double click” blade adjustment system has already managed to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding growers.

Its secret is the ability to simultaneously increase tool convenience, operator’s comfort and pruning performance. It is unique in this sector and clearly differentiates Campagnola electric shears from the competitors’ and enriches them with important advantages.

How does the “double click” system work?

STARK M and STARK L are equipped with high resistance steel blades that carry out progressive cuts. The blade material significantly affects their strength, sharpness and wear resistance. The two shears with plug-in battery can respectively prune branches up to 32 and 37 mm in diameter, so they are perfect for vineyards, fruit trees, olive trees, citrus groves and ornamental plants.

These are work contexts in which it often happens to have to cut branches with different characteristics in terms of diameter and resistance. Knowing the users’ needs, the Campagnola R&D team has, therefore, designed a system that allows the end user to quickly vary the opening of the blades, so that it easily adapts to the different pruning needs.

In fact, the “double click” patent pending system of Campagnola allows the operator, who is pruning with a reduced opening of the blades of STARK M or STARK L, to change it from 70% to 100% with just two quick clicks on the trigger and then to restart immediately to work with the opening at 70%, which resets itself automatically. The change takes place instantly and eliminates the typical waiting time of other models on the market.

This is an excellent example of how technology can make work ever easier. This patent pending system is one of the other interesting features that distinguish STARK M and STARK L, such as their powerful brushless motors and electronic protection devices or the kit supplied with two high-performance plug-in lithium-ion batteries.

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