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Electric or pneumatic olive harvester: a practical guide for the choice

The olive harvester is the fundamental tool for professional olive growers and its characteristics can make the difference in the results of the harvest and in the final quality of the olives. The models on the market are numerous and various technical characteristics distinguish them, starting from the type of power supply that drives their rakes.

Both less and more experienced olive growers, who would like to optimize their performance based on the characteristics of their systems and plants, wonder what type of tool power supply is the best.

Campagnola constantly renews both its types of electric and pneumatic olive harvesters, to propose technologies applied to agriculture that are always in line with the real needs of those who work in this sector. How do the two solutions differ and why should one choose one or the other? Here are some ideas for a truly conscious choice.

Why you should choose an electric olive harvester

An electric olive harvester is generally chosen by those who want to work with maximum freedom of movement, a factor required especially in contexts where slopes and unevenness of the ground would make it difficult to operate with a tool connected to a PTO or an engine-driven compressor.

Among the advantages of the electric harvesters there is also their excellent balance: all Campagnola models have the motor located at the base of the extension pole, for a balanced weight distribution and maximum ease of use. Lightweight and vibration-free, battery-powered olive harvesters contribute to the goal of environmental sustainability, which is now becoming more and more central to every activity.

Powered by clean energy, these tools do not generate CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and are proposed as a concretely green and ecological choice. Their harvesting head can be powered by backpack lithium-ion batteries, or by common lead-acid car batteries.

The battery performance now significantly improves working autonomy, effectively solving one of the problems that hindered the spread of this category of harvesters. In fact, with a single recharge you can cover an entire day of work, also thanks to a device, the power economizer, which reduces consumption when the teeth do not touch the branches.

Reasons to rely on a pneumatic harvester

Pneumatic harvesters are very popular and are powered by compressed air thanks to the connection to PTO or engine-driven compressors.

The high power transmitted to the harvesting heads by the pressurized air makes these tools particularly suitable for an intensive use and when the quantity of trees or the olive groves are very large.

Powerful, fast and performing, pneumatic harvesters allow a comfortable use thanks to their low and well-balanced weight. They require a minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan.

When the ground allows to move a PTO or an engine-driven compressor, these machines can generally power supply various harvesters at the same time, considerably shortening the working times.

Contact us or the nearest Campagnola dealer for all the information you want about our proposals!

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