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New T-CAT M: a step towards practicality and autonomy

In more recent years, the relationship between management of the green areas and technology has become closer and closer, innovating an activity that, for centuries, has been mainly manual.

The design of tools that facilitate pruning operations, such as the new T-CAT M by Campagnola, has the purpose of supporting operators in their activities, enabling them to work in an increasingly simple and comfortable way and using clean energy sources., like electricity.

What characterizes the new T-CAT M?

T-CAT M electric chain pruner with plug-in battery was born as a natural evolution of one of the GREEN Line models, T-CAT, launched in 2021. It was precisely the feedback on the use of this tool that pushed us to enhance its performance, in order to create an optimized version for finishing pruning operations in the semi-professional field and for the maintenance of greenery.

Even T-CAT M, in fact, aims at supporting the operator in pruning shrubs, branches or bushes, to obtain precise results with cuts of a maximum diameter of 8 cm. It is above all the low weight of T-CAT M that makes it a valid ally for those looking for a handy work tool.

In fact, its low weight of only 1.200 kg allows to carry out quick finishing pruning interventions with minimum fatigue for the operator’s arms. Furthermore, it is possible to remove the battery and put it into a special belt holster, connecting it to T-CAT M through the cable patented by Campagnola.

In designing the new tool, we also focused on all those details that could help make it more comfortable for the user, such as the ergonomic design of the non-slip handle, the compactness of the structure and the balance of its components.

Compared to T-CAT, the power of the brushless motor of T-CAT M has been increased to 500 W, even if it keeps the strength and wear resistance of the previous model. Also the rated voltage of the lithium-ion plug-in battery has been enhanced, becoming 14.4 V. This power source, with a capacity of 2.5 Ah, allows to carry out approximately 90 cuts of shrubs or branches with a diameter of 6 cm per recharge.

Furthermore, even if the size of the 4 “bar and the characteristics of the 1/4” chain with 29 links remain unchanged, in the new T-CAT M it reaches a speed of 7.5 m / sec.

What about the new T-CAT M kit?

When you decide to include our new T-CAT M in your equipment, you choose to purchase a complete kit, making you ready to go and work.

In addition to the electric chain pruner, you also get 2 lithium-ion batteries, each one with a voltage of 14.4V (16.8 V max) and a capacity of 2.5 Ah. These are interchangeable and also compatible with our STARK M electric shear, NEXI tying tool and STARBERRY MD2 blueberry hook shaker. If you already own these tools or plan to invest in their purchase soon, you can then use the same power sources, obtaining interesting economic savings.

Inside the practical carrying case of T-CAT M you will also find a charger with triple output, a bar cover for its protection and for the safety of the operator and a useful set of tools for ordinary maintenance operations.

Would you like to know more? Contact our experts for an advice or go to your nearest Campagnola dealer!

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