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forbici potatura professionali
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Do you know everything about professional pruning shears?

For decades our focus on new technologies and our expertise have been what has allowed us to intercept your needs and provide you with tools that are a true expression of practicality, strength and excellent professional performance. Those who intensively use our products look for a real answer to their daily needs and a support that can make their performance really excellent and physically less tiring.

The shears of the PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola respond exactly to the needs of those who, like you, want to be able to rely on easy-to-handle and ergonomic products, which express maximum power when tested. Our specialized technicians translate every day all the requests we receive from the market into technological evolution, thanks to their constant listening to customers, collaborators and dealers.

The result of this effort can be found in the design of modern equipment satisfying even the most selective and scrupulous professionals. The proposals of the PRO range are divided into electric, pneumatic and manual products.

Let’s discover them in more detail.

The professional range for pruning by Campagnola

Performance, safety and sturdiness are the elements that unite all types of professional pruning shears by Campagnola, but what distinguishes them is their power source: alongside electric proposals there are, in fact, pneumatic solutions and also indispensable manual tools completing a line dedicated to the professionals in this sector.

The battery-powered pruning shears are the best choice for those who put the freedom of movement and the handiness of their tools first. Thanks to the practical Li-Ion 170 or 700 shoulder batteries, the tools by Campagnola being compatible with them allow the operator to work without using bulky PTO or engine-driven compressors.

Our COBRA PRO shear is perfect especially for vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants and thanks to the efficiency of its latest generation lithium-ion battery it offers excellent operating autonomy. Ultra-flat and ergonomic, these batteries allow you to operate without interruptions for an entire working day.

Furthermore, the lightweight technopolymer bodies with carbon fibers and the extra-resistant forged steel blades make the electric models by Campagnola a valid solution even in the most difficult working conditions.

Pneumatic or manual tools, between power and precision

The pneumatic shears have been designed with a special focus on the farmers who need a robust and performing workmate for the most intensive interventions on orchards, olive groves, citrus groves, vineyards and any other type of plant. The compressed air shear models of the PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola are powered by PTO or engine-driven compressors, which supply the steel blades with all the cutting force to perform rapid and precise pruning.

Thanks to an excellent research work, which sees the well-being of the operators as the main goal, the pneumatic proposals by Campagnola are fitted with the most advanced technologies in terms of ergonomics and the vibration reduction. They are also easy to handle, well balanced and lightweight thanks to the use of technopolymers and carbon fibers.

The best weight / power ratio in its category is the one of VICTORY, which is ideal for olive groves, vineyards and orchards. It can perform clean cuts up to 32 mm in diameter and guarantees long-lasting performance even with low need of maintenance.

STAR 30 is characterized by a very small handle diameter and has been designed for the operators with small hands. The power of the double piston and the high cutting capacity of this tool allow to prune branches up to 30 mm in diameter. While STAR 30 is produced in two models, one for orchard and one for vineyard, STAR 40 is suitable for any kind of plant (with a maximum cutting diameter of 40 mm) thanks also to the possibility of connecting fixed or telescopic extension poles.

Specifically indicated for pruning orchards, SUPER STAR DOUBLE CUT is the ideal pneumatic shear by Campagnola for those who want to perform highly professional cuts without any burrs.

To complete the range of pneumatic tools for pruning, Campagnola also offers STAR 50 loppers, with straight cutting blade, and F / 6 U, with hooked blade, as well as a line of manual tools (shears, saws, hedge trimmers and loppers).

The guarantee offered by Campagnola

In every single tool of our catalog melt the 63 years of experience of our brand and the high receptivity of our R&D department, always catching the new needs of the Italian and international market, assisted by the widespread network of collaborators and partners. bringing Campagnola to 74 countries around the world.

Thanks to the availability and competence of our personnel, you can always count on a valid pre-sales service, which accompanies you towards the best choice according to your needs, but also after-sales, to help you manage any unforeseen events and to make you feel that by vocation Campagnola is constantly by your side.

Trust Campagnola: discover our range of professional shears now!

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