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MASTER olive harvester: our new electric proposal

Olive growing is undergoing a profound transformation, which sees the electrification of tools and machinery as protagonists, combined with the ever-increasing use of renewable sources and the evolution of technology towards digital.

The R&D department of Campagnola has been committed for years to the development of electrically powered harvesting tools, with the aim at intercepting and anticipating industry trends in terms of sustainability and the increasingly strict Italian and European regulations in terms of environmental impact.

Our investments aim at matching the need for responsibility towards environmental issues with the needs of olive growers who wish to find concrete support for their productivity from Campagnola brand tools.

Among the most recent novelties of the Campagnola PROFESSIONAL Line, MASTER is the las born olive harvester and will surprise you for its performance.

The technical characteristics of MASTER

The new MASTER electric harvester has been designed to maximize the freedom of movement of the operators who want a lightweight, handy and versatile ally in its applications for the harvesting season. Among the purposes of MASTER there is also that of an interesting excellent quality-price ratio, made possible by the commitment of Campagnola technicians in the design phase.


Our new proposal is robust and endowed with a decidedly high-performance power.

Our MASTER harvesting head is equipped with a double comb with carbon teeth. It performs an opposing lateral movement, allowing the tool to easily penetrate the foliage and optimizing harvesting without ever causing damage to the olive trees and limiting the leaf fall.

To expand its possibilities of use, our new MASTER electric olive harvester can be combined with telescopic extension poles, made of carbon and aluminum. They are available in two versions: from 150 to 220 cm or from 185 to 270 cm. The use of extension poles allows the olive grower to work in complete safety by avoiding the use of ladders and is one of the features of MASTER to optimize the user’s well-being.

The new harvester is vibration-free, has a perfectly balanced weight and an ergonomic handle. This combination of elements significantly facilitates the harvesting sessions, safeguarding the health of professionals.

The MASTER kit includes:

  • a harvesting head;
  • an ergonomic handle;
  • a 13 m electric cable;
  • a Campagnola brand cap.


However, it is possible for olive growers to purchase the MASTER harvesting head individually and use it with the power units and accessories they already have.


The advantages of electric power supply in olive growing

The electric tools of the PROFESSIONAL Line are a forward-looking choice for olive growers who wish to keep pace with the market needs, as well as with the increasingly strict regulations. This trend is leading to the gradual abandonment of pneumatic or motorized equipment.

Today the transition to electric power no longer represents an obstacle to productivity. Since that the performance of battery-powered olive harvesters is now comparable to that of traditional endothermic or compressed air tools. Furthermore, the convenience of renewable energy sources is increasingly marked and greatly facilitates the ecological transition of the sector.

Among the pluses to consider during the purchase phase of electric tools there are also the lower need for maintenance and lower management costs, which are combined with further benefits for the health of olive growers. By exploiting clean electricity, in fact, the inhalation of toxic gases or exposure to potentially harmful vibrations for the user’s musculoskeletal system is avoided.

Furthermore, electric tools such as MASTER are more lightweight and handy and help to reduce noise pollution.

The commitment of Campagnola to sustainability

MASTER is the latest addition to the Campagnola product range and is perfectly in line

with our commitment to environmental sustainability and the design of effective solutions that facilitate olive growers in a practical way even during the busiest harvesting seasons.

If you want to start your transition to electric or you need to complete your green equipment with an innovative and high-performance harvester, MASTER is undoubtedly the right choice.

Explore the product page to get a complete overview of the technical details that can support your purchasing decision or contact us to get all the information you need!

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