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How was Starberry MD1 born, the innovative electric hook shaker by Campagnola?


Starberry MD1 is the new electric hook shaker, a top product designed by Campagnola, which is facilitating with excellent results the work of many farmers who wanted to test this mechanized system for blueberry harvesting. Which way? Thanks to its innovative touch and modular speed selector (from 900 to 2200 strokes per minute) with post-switch-on and switch-off memory, Starberry MD1 allows the operator to vary the vibration speed to obtain an optimal and selective harvesting according to the various berry ripening stages. Furthermore, the hook shaker is fitted with an ergonomic hand grip with a reduced stroke trigger, which does not tire the operator. Statistics confirm that this system guarantees a three times higher harvesting than the manual operation.

Sector studies

How did we get to Starberry MD1? What are the studies conducted by the professionals of Campagnola, which led to the creation of this product?
We have started our researches from an analysis carried out in the USA. In these last 30 years the blueberry industry has grown enormously, especially in the USA, where the 60% of the world’s blueberry harvesting is located.
However, the lack of available workforce for the harvesting operations, the ever-increasing costs and the low yields penalize blueberry producers.
The American researchers have foreseen that a semi-mechanical system would allow to increase 3.5 to 15% the quantity of blueberries (grams / minute) harvested manually. This would also keep the berries more intact.
Finally, a factor of the utmost importance: it has been estimated that a semi-mechanical method would reduce workforce to around 100 hours / hectare / year and would mitigate its increasing cost as well as the shortage of operators harvesting blueberries for the fresh fruit market.

Starberry MD1

After the research and development steps, Campagnola has started to test this tool in Italy, where there are important blueberry cultivations.
The following are some of the features and plus of the electric hook shaker Starberry MD1:

  • effectiveness: it allows to obtain a quantity of fruits which is three times higher than by harvesting manually;
  • saving: it guarantees to cut times and workforce by one third compared to manual harvesting;
  • handiness: it is easy and practical to use thanks to its ergonomic shape;
  • lightness, thanks to the presence of carbon-based polymers, it has a considerably low weight.

If you are interested in trying the electric hook shaker Starberry MD1, because you believe it can improve your berry harvesting activity, you can call us at 0039/51/753500 or send an email to

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