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ALICE STAR: advanced performance for the new Campagnola electric olive harvester

The search for new electrically powered solutions is one of the guidelines that characterizes the commitment of our R&D department. The new ALICE STAR electric olive harvester is the result of this drive towards innovation and represents an interesting evolution of the well-known ALICE model, which has been so far present in our product range in the PREMIUM 58 and ECO versions.

Thanks to its utmost high professional performance, the new tool has the mission of meeting the needs of the olive growers engaged in intensive harvesting operations. This proves to be a possible goal thanks to the increasingly efficient performance of the electric solutions, which today represent the primary focus of the agricultural sector.

Identifying increasingly green and eco-sustainable proposals is now a shared trend for the protagonists of this sector, who constantly invest in the ecological transformation that has become so important. Furthermore, thanks to the evolution of technology, sustainability does not mean a worse performance and the use of electric tools is spreading like wildfire even among olive growers who choose a facilitated harvesting method.

Discover right now what makes ALICE STAR the electric olive harvester you can’t give up.

Why should you choose our ALICE STAR electric olive harvester?

ALICE STAR is characterized by a high concentration of technologically advanced innovations and patented systems that make harvesting ever faster and more productive.

Already appreciated in the previous models, the flexible and interchangeable prongs of ALICE STAR are one of the pluses that allow olive growers to carry out extremely efficient harvesting operations. Resistant and lightweight, thanks to the use of technopolymers, the prongs of ALICE STAR move with the typical opposing elliptical movement patented by Campagnola, which makes every intervention incredibly fast and respectful of the health of the plants.

The high harvesting yield and the easy penetration into the foliage are accompanied, in fact, by a delicate action on the branches, which avoids accidental damages and limits the fall of the leaves. This aspect makes the new harvester of the PROFESSIONAL Line a tool suitable for use in any type of olive grove and even in the most difficult contexts.

The rakes of ALICE STAR can move at three speeds (1080, 1150 and 1180 strokes per minute), which are kept constant by the electronic drive of the engine, even when the battery voltage decreases. The compatibility with POWER 58 PLUS, fitted with a brushless motor of 350 W, 12/58 V and 3/4 Ah power consumption, guarantee the high performance of ALICE STAR. Lightweight (only 1200 g) and easy to handle, the unit requires no maintenance and ensures the long lifespan of the tool.

The use of ALICE STAR is also made practical and convenient by the presence of an electronic power saver, which can be deactivated if necessary. It accelerates the speed of the rakes during the working phase (when the prongs touch the branches) and slows it down during the tool rest.

Electric power supply in agriculture: the power of ALICE STAR

The work of the Campagnola technicians is driven by key targets: the desire to guarantee the most advanced level of technology to the professionals, as well as the more and more urgent need for all manufacturers to move quickly towards a zero-emission agriculture and concretely contribute to the protection of the planet.

An ever-increasing awareness of the importance of these issues makes the market sensitive to the use of zero-emission power tools and also drives the search for technological improvements in the same direction. Furthermore, the preparation of increasingly strict regulations makes electric tools an ecological decision to be taken seriously.

The trend towards electric power also in the context of olive growing is made more and more possible also by the technological advances of power systems. The most modern lithium-ion batteries guarantee a level of efficiency, working autonomy and power the electric olive harvesters which are comparable to those of pneumatic or motor-driven alternatives.

ALICE STAR, for example, can be powered by three different energy sources:

Li-Ion 170 or Li-Ion 700 lithium-ion backpack batteries.

80/90 Ah – 12 V car batteries.

electric generators, such as ENERGY4, one of the Campagnola innovations. It can power up to four olive harvesters at the same time and optimize the productivity of the harvesting sessions.

Among the points in favor of electric tools there is undoubtedly their eco-sustainability, guaranteed by the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The reduction of the noise emitted by the tools and the low weight of the electric models make the work of the olive growers much easier. They can intervene on the plants with maximum freedom of movement.

Furthermore, electric tools require particularly low maintenance compared to those powered by compressed air or fuel engines, making them also more convenient to use in the medium to long term.

Today, therefore, relying on a professional electric olive harvester means choosing practicality and comfort, while maintaining high harvesting capacity, power and reliability.

Comfort and practicality for olive growers

On the new ALICE STAR there are also numerous technical details that maximize the comfort of olive growers engaged in harvesting activities. For example, an extremely low weight makes the harvester easy to handle, practical and effortlessly transportable by the user.

Furthermore, the perfect balance makes the tool a reliable ally in every context and is obtained by positioning the motor unit in the lower part of the extension pole, to balance the weight of the harvesting head. The presence of valid anti-vibration systems contributes to the health and safety of those who use the electric olive harvester for several hours.

ALICE STAR is also compatible with Campagnola fixed and telescopic extension poles, made of carbon or aluminum. This allows to adjust the length of the tool and maximize its versatility, making it usable anywhere even without using any ladders.

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