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Star 30

STAR 30 is a pneumatic shear with a reduced diameter, thanks to its double-piston, but with an excellent cutting capacity. It is fitted with a techno-polymer body and a highly resistant, forged steel blade group. It is manufactured in 2 versions, for orchard or for vineyard pruning, and is a vibration- and kickback-effect-free shear.

Star 30 Vigna Star 30 Frutta
Weight 650 gr 640 gr
Pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Cutting Diameter 30 mm 32 mm
Air consumption 80 l/m 80 l/m


  1. Double piston and double cylinder
  2. Body made of techno-polymer
  3. Protection against the penetration of impurities
  4.  Blades made of highly resistant forged steel: (A) orchard blade, (B) vineyard blade
  5. Built-in protection
  6. Active safety device

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