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ENERGY4: discover the power of the new Campagnola electric generator

In olive growing, the choice of electrically powered tools is particularly advantageous and there are many professionals who decide to rely on this category of products for their intensive interventions. Among its proposals, the PROFESSIONAL Line of Campagnola also includes efficient electric harvesters which are highly appreciated for their high performance and practicality.

Lightweight, environment-friendly and easily transportable, electric tools can be handed by users with minimal fatigue and are perfectly balanced in their weight distribution thanks to the position of their motor at the base of the extension pole. Among the most popular features of these solutions there are excellent harvesting capacity and reliability over time.

In this context there is one of our important innovations for the 2022 harvesting season fits in: ENERGY4, the innovative electric generator with a rated voltage of 230V AC / 12V DC that can power all the harvesters of the Campagnola electric range.

Uninterrupted power and performance with ENERGY4

The choice of introducing a generator in our PROFESSIONAL Line also aims at offering the operators who choose electrical solutions a power supply which is higher than that of common car batteries, while maintaining the same tool excellent performance.

The high energy reserve of ENERGY4 also allows uninterrupted operations and a significant optimization of the resources needed to complete the harvesting sessions.

ENERGY4 is a silent inverter generator with a rated output power of 1.0 kW and a charging voltage of 12 V. With its 700 W, it is powered by unleaded petrol and is fitted with a 2.5 l. tank.

The new Campagnola generator can power up to four PROFESSIONAL Line electric harvesters, using a four-output connector panel that allows it to be connected to Power 58 and Power ECO power units.

Its average consumption under load is very satisfactory: to supply energy to one Power ECO / Power 58 it needs 0.220 l / hour, while to power two it requires 0.260 l / hour, saving fuel and other costs.

Its Rato R60-i is a single cylinder 4-stroke engine, OHV forced air cooled and with a displacement of 60 cc. In addition to the petrol tank, ENERGY4 is also equipped with a 0.31 liter oil tank. Its total weight is 13 kg and its dimensions are small, compared to the power it is capable of delivering.

In which configurations is ENERGY4 available?

Our ENERGY4 electric generator is already available in the new 2022-2023 catalog of Campagnola. You can find it as single unit or in two configurations designed to meet the different needs of olive growers.

In fact, it is possible to purchase our ENERGY4 kit, consisting of the generator, a connector panel and four connectors. It is an ideal solution for those who want to include in their equipment a powerful and durable energy source for their electric harvesters.

Moreover, our ENERGY4 + ECO and ENERGY4 + 58 kits have been designed for those who want a complete set, instead of buying the single components, this way enjoying an equipment which is suitable for carrying out fast and efficient harvesting interventions.

Buying ENERGY4 in one of the proposed configurations means that you have at your disposal everything you need to power one of the performing harvesting heads of the 58 or ECO line. Which olive harvesters can be powered by ENERGY4? All the ALICE PREMIUM, HOLLY, HERCULES and ICARUS harvesting heads in their 58 or ECO versions, as well as ELEKTRA ECO can be connected to the Power 58 and Power ECO power units.

Among the optional accessories that can be purchased separately there are the electric connection cables, but also a trolley kit for easily transporting our ENERGY4 generator when harvesting. It is also possible to opt for the battery trolley which you can find in our catalog.

The new Campagnola proposal is synonymous with power, comfort and savings and has been designed to make your harvesting sessions ever more efficient and faster.

Explore the technical features of ENERGY4 now and find out how it can become an effective ally for your intensive harvesting activities!

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