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Campagnola as Made-in-Italy brand and quality. Roncagli: “The secret of our success? People!”

About a month ago, in an interview given by our Sales Director Vanni Roncagli, the economic reality of Campagnola Srl was presented, with a special attention to its history and its concrete projects. “Campagnola, a company which knows how to use the right means to achieve twice the results with half the effort […] like a true Superstar” state the very first lines of the article. A presentation that reminds us of our first successful product: the unforgettable Superstar pneumatic shear.

Roncagli says that the real secret of the success of the Campagnola electric and pneumatic tools for pruning and harvesting, used by wine growers and farmers in Italy and abroad, is the certainty of the “Made in Italy” brand: a guarantee of the excellent design and quality of the products.

“We manufacture our professional tools – explains Roncagli – checking every single production step and paying great attention to details. This is the reason why our products can be classified as ‘Premium’: they make the hard work of agricultural operators much easier. ”

Our history

“Founded in 1958, our company is celebrating its 62nd anniversary this year. Since then, many things have changed – continues the Sales Director -, but our values have remained the same. Today we present a wide range of products for all pruning and harvesting needs, we operate nationally and internationally and we have 53 employees. Our exclusive dealer for the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South America, Campagnola Ibérica de Suministros Agrícolas, located near Barcelona, ​​has a staff of 5 employee. We sell our equipment in over 40 countries in the 5 continents through about 400 importers and dealers – in addition to the Italian ones – and we have achieved an export share of 45%. Since it all started in a small laboratory, the history of and the route taken by Campagnola Srl can be said to be truly extraordinary. Despite the great success, we keep on the values ​​that our founder, Mr Pio Vittorio Ferretti, has transmitted to us. We are an important point of reference in our sector, but – I want to clarify it – people are always the ones who really make the difference. In Campagnola, all of us – managers, employees and collaborators – feel part of a big family. ”

Our strength: people

“Inner energy is a necessary and important resource, which originated from the founder of the company, Mr Pio Vittorio Ferretti, who started with a lot of passion and limited economic availability. He was a brilliant and farsighted businessman, who was inspired by the pneumatic shears from the United States. Being metallic, they were very heavy. Therefore, he thought of replacing metal with plastic materials, and the result was amazing: the creation of the first pneumatic shear in acetal resin, the legendary Superstar.

I worked for this company from 1980 to 1991 and returned in 2016. I had been travelling abroad for many years as sales manager for other companies, but I was keen to ‘come back home’. When Mr. Ferretti died, the company needed a new organization. Some new managers were hired, and on that occasion, I returned to Campagnola. Thanks to the collective commitment, not only has Campagnola grown from a productive point of view, but a new corporate culture has also been created and persists in aiming at innovation, which has always been one of the company main driving forces. ”

In fact, the quality standards of Campagnola Srl have increased and have been recognized all over the world. This is the reason why Campagnola srl ​​is the only Italian company specialized in pruning and harvesting solutions whichh has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

“Before putting the products on the market – adds Roncagli – we perform a rigid analysis on them through testing processes, which are used to examine electromagnetic compatibility, noise and vibrations of the machines. We have invested a lot in order to find suppliers who match our approach to quality and in the end, we have succeeded. A real bestseller is ‘Cobra Pro’, a practical and ergonomic electric shear, developed for pruning vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants. Its advanced technology – explains Roncagli – guarantees excellent cutting capacity ”

“Since research and development are fundamental for us, we regularly launch innovative products and we are always eager to enter new markets, which give us the opportunity to improve ourselves and test new technologies. For example, among our new products there is the first battery-powered tool for harvesting blueberries, which we have called Starberry. As blueberries have been harvested by hand so far, we are opening a new chapter. Our innovative products are also supported by an excellent after-sales service, and customers do appreciate our great response and problem solving speed. ”

The challenges of the future

“Looking towards the future – concludes Roncagli – we will certainly make the commitment to consolidate our position on the market and preserve the company philosophy. In the end – and we are fully convinced of it – everything depends on the people: managers, employees, suppliers and customers “.

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