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Advantages and use of the shears with telescopic extension poles

The pruning shears on telescopic extension pole are one of the indispensable tools for professional or semi-professional operators. Pruning can be carried out on any type of plant and is a fundamental phase for numerous reasons. For example, it regulates the growth of the plant, as it stimulates the production of both flowers and fruits and improves foliage aeration and solar radiation, effectively preventing from various kinds of diseases. It is, therefore, a very important operation to preserve the health of plants.

The shears with telescopic extension pole are perfect both for small and for large properties, since it is often necessary to prune high branches or dense foliage trees. This system allows the operators to work from the ground safely.

To avoid the use of ladders means to minimize risks and to maximize the operator’s comfort.

The shears by Campagnola with telescopic extension poles

The common feature of all Campagnola pruning shears is their strength, also ensured by the extremely resistant steel blades. The high-quality materials, the ergonomics of their handles and the power of these tools then guarantee fast, comfortable and highly performing pruning sessions.

When equipped with telescopic extension poles, these shears can reach every part of the tree-top, allowing the operators effective interventions in fruit growing, olive growing, horticulture or for the care of ornamental plants. The extension poles by Campagnola, made of aluminum or carbon, are lightweight and versatile.

Both the aluminum extension poles and the 100% carbon ones are particularly resistant and available in different lengths. The carbon versions are characterized by a lower weight.

What are the best pruning shears with telescopic extension poles?

When it is necessary to select the most suitable extension-pole-mounted pruning shears for your needs, you shall analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each model on the market. Particular attention should be paid to the differences between electric and pneumatic models.

It can help you in your choice to understand if you need to carry out intensive, semi-intensive or hobby pruning work, in order to orientate yourself towards the most suitable type of tool. Among the Campagnola proposals, in fact, you will find two product lines: the GREEN Line and the PROFESSIONAL Line.

The first is also ideal for those who carry out non-intensive pruning and is made up of tools powered by lithium-ion plug-in batteries. The second has been designed for the operators who make intensive use of their tools and includes efficient pneumatic solutions.

So, what are the best Campagnola-brand pruning shears with telescopic extension poles?

The electric shears with plug-in battery

Two models of our GREEN Line electric pruning shears with plug-in battery are among the models which can be connected to telescopic extension poles: Stark M and Stark L. Powered by the latest generation lithium-ion batteries, they allow the operator to prune the branches with the maximum movement freedom, thanks to the absence of cables.

Stark L and Stark M are extremely handy and at the same time robust and powerful. They guarantee over 80 cuts per minute and, thanks to the excellent balance in the distribution of their weight, they do not tire the operator during the work sessions. While Stark L can cut branches up to 37 mm in diameter, Stark M works effortlessly on branches up to 32 mm in diameter. In addition, both shears are now fitted with an interesting feature: two quick activations of the trigger allow the user to vary the blade opening from 70% to 100%.

Thanks to their compatibility with the telescopic extension poles by Campagnola, the shears with plug-in battery offer maximum effectiveness and versatility. Therefore, the operators shall not to interrupt their work even when they have to reach the highest branches.

In addition to these electric shears that can be connected to telescopic extension poles, Campagnola offers a range of electric shears exclusively mounted on a fixed pole. They are perfect for working without fatigue and in total safety.

STARK 90, 160 and 220 are among the most functional models of electric pruning shears mounted on a fixed extension pole, designed by our Research and Development department. They are available in three lengths (i.e. 90, 160 and 220 cm) and allow the operators to prune the highest branches without the use of ladders.

Pneumatic pruning shears mounted on a telescopic extension pole: the PROFESSIONAL Line

In addition to taking advantage of the practicality of the electric shears for pruning fitted on an extension pole, it is also possible to get the most out of the pneumatic models, designed for the most demanding operators engaged in intensive sessions on large plots of land.

Some of the models of the PROFESSIONAL Line by Campagnola are connectable to telescopic extension poles. For example, our Star 40 pneumatic shear is compatible with all extension poles to further improve the performance of this model, with a great cutting capacity on all types of wood.

Even our Victory pneumatic shear, which has been designed for precision interventions on olive groves, orchards and vineyards and is suitable for intensive pruning needs, reaches an even higher level of performance when used with a telescopic extension pole.

Thanks to the ability to meet the needs of the market, the specialized technicians of Campagnola have identified in the shears with telescopic extension pole an indispensable ally, providing users with the best solutions, thanks to our know-how based on both research and direct experience.

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