Olive shakers: what are they and how do they work?

Olive harvesting is one of the most delicate phases of the cultivation process and anyone with a small or large olive grove is well aware of the importance of this annual operation. In fact, it is essential to identify the best time for harvesting and to choose the most appropriate techniques and tools to operate on each type of plant.

Generally, the ideal harvesting season in the olive grove is from the beginning of autumn until about mid-December, but it can vary according to different parameters, such as the variety of olive and its ripening cycle, the destination of use of the drupes, the local climatic conditions and the geographical area.

Far from a time in which harvesting was carried out exclusively with manual tools, there are now numerous accessories on the market that allow the operator to mechanize this operation on olive trees in an efficient and practical way, maximizing harvesting capacity and reducing, instead, the fatigue of the operators.

Among the indispensable components of the harvesting equipment there are also olive shakers. But what are they exactly and which kinds of shakers are there on the market?

What is an olive shaker?

A shaker is an agricultural tool specially designed to hook the olive tree branches and shake them with energetic movements, in order to cause the detachment and fall of the olives. The quick vibration of the tool arm guarantees excellent results which, while preserving the integrity of the plant, make harvesting fast and extremely effective.

There are some precautions that can further facilitate the use of an olive shaker. For example, the olive trees should be carefully pruned and sufficiently robust, while the drupes large and ripe enough, so as to detach without effort thanks to the action. of the tool.

Many people wonder what the difference is between a shaker and a harvester. While both having olive harvesting as purpose, the olive harvester acts on the branches of the tree, using its vibrating combs with horizontal, vertical or elliptical movement, while the shaker hooks the branches.

The choice between harvester or shaker can be influenced by the type of cultivar and the state of the treetop, but also by the characteristics of the rows and the specific needs of the single operator.

What types of shakers are there on the market?

Campagnola offers its customers both solutions, providing a large catalog of olive harvesters and one olive shaker. All can adapt to the requests of any user.

Both are part of the PROFESSIONAL Line and share durability, ergonomics and maximum sturdiness, while each offering precise peculiarities.

Our GSM EL TORO hook shaker is equipped with a powerful 52.5 cc petrol engine and an extension pole. This endothermic tool finds its ideal use on all occasions when high performance is required. Its high hourly productivity is guaranteed by the possibility of action on branches up to 4 cm in diameter.

GSM EL TORO engine-driven hook shaker is characterized by a perfect weight distribution and an anti-vibration support, patented by Campagnola, which reduces the transfer of the vibrations from the tool to the body.

The well-being of the operators is, in fact, always at the center of our production choices, together with the attention to details and to the optimization of the performance of each product.

Would you like to know more about our olive shakers?

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