The emergency that our country has been facing for these last weeks is surely one of the most complicated and serious in recent decades. The health care workers and volunteers are engaged in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, carrying out endless, tiring and exhausting work shifts to assist and cure the Coronavirus patients. Therefore, it is important that every citizen, institution, company and structure of the territory offer their contribution according to their means – even with small gestures of solidarity. Campagnola Srl has done its part in this battle with a donation to the Sant’Orsola hospital In Bologna.


“Together we can”

All together we can do our part to tackle the emergency of these days. Every contribution – even the smallest one – is fundamental even just to help and make needy people “breathe”. Only together we can really make the difference.


Campagnola Srl implements measures: The Smart Working

In response to the national and regional government ordinances, all Italian companies have had to reorganise their working method in order to avoid the spread of the virus and protect employees.  Campagnola Srl has immediately started the Smart Working procedures, allowing those employees whose physical presence in the company is not required, to continue working in total safety from home, thanks to all the necessary digital tools.


Protection and safety for employees who remain in the company

We have also limited the company operations, going on only with the necessary activities, such as that of our technical assistance. Since the beginning of the health emergency in Italy, all our employees have been equipped with protective devices to be able to work safely, maintaining the necessary distances from one another, according to the indications of the DPCM. So it has been possible to ensure the continuity of our operations, even if  in a slower and more limited way.

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