25 September 2018

Our history


The Italian company Campagnola is based in Emilia Romagna. Thanks to its competence and know-how, built in over 60 years of experience, it is one of the world leaders in the design and production of pneumatic and electric systems for pruning and harvesting. 

To meet the constantly and quickly growing demands of the Spanish market, in 2000 Campagnola entrusts the exclusive sale of its product range in this area – and now also in Central and South America – to Campagnola Ibérica de Suministros Agricolas, obtaining immediately a leading position in the field of mechanized pruning and harvesting .

The first steps of the ‘made in Campagnola’ adventure are taken in 1958, when Vittorio Ferretti, just rich in determination and great ideas, makes his first practical experiments within the walls of a small 20 square meter workshop. 

The stages of this exciting journey – undertaken in the years of industrial rebirth and  recovery of the economic development – are very many: in 1961 the work area grows from 20 to 200 square meters and twenty years later the conditions are created to make Campagnola become a Limited Liability Company. Since 1983 the headquarters has been located in Zola Predosa, and after various extensions and renovations, the current structure is composed of two adjacent plants and a total area of ​​8,000 square meters. 

Since its foundation the watchword of Campagnola has always been “research”: thanks to an expert and dynamic technical staff, engaged in the development of advanced equipment, the company is able to offer to its demanding customers the best in terms of products and technical-commercial solutions and to stand out for its quality, reliability and respect for the environment. 

Once the analysis phase is over, testing is carried out: the second pillar of the ‘modus operandi’ of Campagnola. Specifically, these tests include electromagnetic compatibility, noise and hand-arm and machine-body vibrations, proving the company products for pruning and harvesting compliance with the current safety regulations.
Campagnola is also the only company specialized in pruning and harvesting which has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001, 2015 QUALITY CERTIFICATION. It is in full compliance with these rules that our employees, partners and suppliers achieve their results, gaining competitiveness and performance.

In addition to research, control and environmental protection, for 60 years Campagnola has been focusing on customers. Manageability and technological innovation are the features which guarantee a simple and effective way of working to the operator. This happened in 1958, when Campagnola proposed to the market the first techno-polymer pneumatic shear, called Super Star, a professional tool made in Italy – like the majority of the company products and suppliers – and this is what still happens today, because the company keeps on being focused on quality and performance of its products.

The attention to detail, typical of those who take care of the company as their own home, is a cornerstone of the company philosophy. After the design and implementation by the R & D team also through repeated field tests, the Quality Control team submits each production batch to test trials by means of specific test benches. This is the reason why the selection of the Campagnola range guarantees maximum performance for the end users. Campagnola is the only company specialized in pruning and harvesting to hold the UNI EN ISO 9001, 2015 Quality Certification. Our careful and sensitive management never loses sight of the safety of the users and the environmental protection and is a key factor of a success that has been accompanying Campagnola for 60 years.

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