The PTO compressors of the ECOPLUS line by Campagnola are compact, powerful and reliable, characterized by sober and essential lines and high quality components.
Campagnola offers 4 models – all connected to the tractor three-point-hitch – among which ECOPLUS 1500 and ECOPLUS 1700 TANDEM stand out. Designed for a professional use, they are both fitted with a double tank and a double filter/regulator/lubricator unit.
To avoid any overheating of the head block, ECOPLUS 1500 is cooled by means of a fan. ECOPLUS 1700 TANDEM – unique in its genre – has a double compressor block.


Technical chart

Ecoplus 520Ecoplus 950Ecoplus 1500Ecoplus 1700 Tandem
Shears quantity that can be operated571115
Chain pruners quantity that can be operated1123
Harvesters quantity that can be operated2458
Air displacement554820 L/min1500 L/min1640 L/min
Cylinders count2222
Stages count1222
Air tank capacity25 air/L25 air/L2×20 air/L2×20 air/L
Recommended minimum tractor power18202540
Maximum tank working pressure9/119/119/119/11
Weight89,65 kg104,5 kg182,6 kg210,5 kg

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