Starberry MD1

Absolute innovation, Starberry MD1 is the first electric hook shaker for harvesting blueberries. It allows to obtain a quantity of fruits harvested 3 times higher than manually, thus obtaining a saving of 1/3 in labor. It has been designed to be light and easy to handle, thanks also to the covers made of carbon-based polymers.
The Starberry MD1 shaker has a speed selector to calibrate it precisely, so as to harvest only ripe berries. The ultralight carbon extension pole is fitted with a hook that can be adjusted according to the operator’s need.
The light lithium ion battery (1.2 kg only) ensures a work autonomy of 8-9 hours.
Like the other harvesters of the Line 58, it is equipped with Power 58, a brushless motor, and a speed selector that makes the end user work either at 1080 or at 1150 strokes per minute. Alice 58 is also fitted with a battery power saver which operates when the tool gets out of the branches. It can be power supplied either by one of the Li-ion 170/700 backpack batteries, or by a common 80/90 Ah car battery, using a 13 m cable and a converter.



Battery charger

Carrying case

Battery backpack

Technical chart

Weight1 kg
Frequency900 / 2200 battute
BatteryLi – Ion
Rated Voltage50,4 V
Capacity3,5 Ah
Power176,4 W/h
Autonomy8/9 h
Recharge Time2-3 h
Recharge Interval1 year
Battery Weight1,2 kg

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