Easy 80

An absolute novelty are Easy 80 and 150, the first two Campagnola electric shears with extension pole. For the operators who need to prune high branches, two different lengths are proposed: Easy 80 with 80 cm pole and Easy 150 with 150 cm pole. Both shears have a cutting capacity of 36 mm, which allows the pruning of any type of wood. The battery supplied guarantees the autonomy of a whole day of work. The entire Line 44 can be connected to the same battery, ie the Easy S and Easy L electric shears, the electric scissors on the Easy 80 and Easy 150 rod and finally the Linker electric tying machine.


Technical chart

Weight1,300 kg
Cutting Diameter36mm
Blade Opening50 mm
Extension Pole Lenght80 cm

Included in the price

Lithium battery

Carrying case

Battery backpack

Rated Voltage44 V
Capacity4,4 Ah
Power193 W
Autonomy8 h
Recharge time4,5 h
Battery Weight1,5 kg

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