Stark L

Stark L is the biggest cordless electric shear with plug-in battery proposed by Campagnola. It has an opening of 37 mm which allows to cut thick branches. Therefore, the use of Stark L is recommended for citrus growing, for olive growing and for ornamental plants. Thanks to the two batteries included, it is possible to prune for over 7 hours. Cable-free, it allows to work very comfortably, with a full movement freedom. The LCD display shows the quantity of cuts carried out. The Stark L electric shear is fitted with a brushless motor, which makes it powerful even when pruning the hardest types of wood.



2 lithium batteries


Battery charger with triple output

Accessory kit

Technical chart

Weight1,160 kg
Cutting diameter37 mm
BatteryLi-Ion plug-in
Rated Voltage21,6 V
Capacity2,5 Ah
Autonomy3/4 x batteria
Recharge time1,5/2 h

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