GSM El Toro Evoluzione

GSM EL TORO engine-driven hook shaker can be connected to a 1.30 m, 2 m or 3.30 m long extension pole and is used for harvesting olives and fruit to be processed by the food industry. Equipped with an exclusive anti-vibration support of the handle, patented by Campagnola, this endothermic hook is composed of an aluminum alloy body and rotating rubber rollers. It is driven by a powerful 52.5 cc 2-stroke engine, which allows it to shake branches with a diameter of 50/60 mm.



2- stroke engine, 52.5 cc – 2.8 HP

Sliding, anti-vibration support for the handgrip (patented by Campagnola)

1.30 m, 2.0 m or 3.3 m fixed extension poles

Rotatory rubber rolls

Protection of the moving parts

Aluminium alloy body

Technical chart

Weight13,5 kg
Engine52,5 cc
Hook diameter60 mm
Cycles number1400
Stroke60 mm

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