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VICTORY is the pneumatic shear for the most demanding professionals. Powerful, handy and light, it is made of techno-polymer with carbon fibers. Ideal for pruning orchards, olive-trees and vineyards, it can be connected to a fixed or a telescopic extension pole. It does not tire the operator for its highly comfortable use. Its maintenance operations are very easy.

Victory Victory per asta
Weight 510 gr 480 gr
Pressure 9 bar 9 bar
Cutting Diameter 32 mm 32 mm
Air consumption 80 l/m 80 l/m


  1. Co-moulding in anti-slipping rubber
  2. Body made of techno-polymer with carbon fibres
  3. Protection against the penetration of impurities
  4. Blades made of highly resistant forged steel
  5. Passive safety device
  6. Active safety device
  7. Joint fastenings for easy maintenance operations
  8. Version with adapter for assembling onto an extension pole

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