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Star 50 - F/6

STAR 50 and F/6 are powerful and balanced pneumatic loppers, ideal for pruning any kind of tree, since they are characterized by the best cutting capacity in the market. They are connected to their own extension poles, which are available in various lengths, from 50 to 300 cm. Their blade group is made of highly resistant forged steel. The difference between the two models is that Star 50 is fitted with a straight blade, F/6 with a hooked blade. 

Star 50 F/6
Weight 3640 gr 3600 gr
Pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Cutting Diameter 50 mm 50 mm
Air consumption 100 l/min 100 l/min


  1. Cylinder made of acetalic resin
  2. Active safety device
  3. Extension poles from 50 to 300 cm
  4. Double-effect piston with air-driven return
  5. Blades made of highly resistant forged steel
  6. F/6 model with hooked blade

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