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WARRANTY 4 YEARS Specifically developed by Campagnola for pruning vineyard and orchard, COBRA PRO is an extremely handy...[Read more]
WARRANTY 4 YEARS PONY PRO, the lightest electro-mechanical shear by Campagnola, is perfectly balanced, quick (4 cutting modes and...[Read more]
STAR 30 is a pneumatic shear with a reduced diameter, thanks to its double-piston, but with an excellent cutting capacity. It is...[Read more]
STAR 40 can be connected to all Campagnola extension poles for pneumatic tools. It is a reliable shear with an excellent cutting...[Read more]
STAR 50 and F/6 are powerful and balanced pneumatic loppers, ideal for pruning any kind of tree, since they are characterized by...[Read more]
VICTORY is the pneumatic shear for the most demanding professionals. Powerful, handy and light, it is made of techno-polymer with...[Read more]